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Slush Puppie Giveaway: Just Subscribe to Our Awesome Blog!

Slush Puppie Giveaway: Just Subscribe to Our Awesome Blog!

 It's Friday and that can mean only one thing - competition time!

Would you like to be the proud owner of this Slush Puppie Slush Making Cup and Syrups this hot summer? Of course, you would!

Official Slush Puppie Slush Making Cup and Syrup

That's why we are giving you the chance to enter our Slush Puppie Giveaway.

To enter the giveaway, simply: 

1. Click here to subscribe to our Retro Styler blog - this means you will have access to all of the latest TV, film and gaming gossip, news and must-have merchandise. If you're already a subscriber then great.. move on to step 2!

2. Comment below - once you've tapped your email address into the subscription box, drop us a line in the comments below.

3. Absolutely nothing - once all that is done, just sit and wait to see if your name has been selected this coming Monday 16th July 2018. Make sure you're constantly checking your emails (and spam folders) in order to claim your prize if you are the lucky winner!

**If you're already a dedicated Retro Styler fan and are currently subscribed to the blog but want to enter this - make sure you leave us a comment below to be in with a chance!**

Just make sure you subscribe here to enter!

With a retail price of over £30, this bundle is sure to please anyone this Summer!



46 thoughts on “Slush Puppie Giveaway: Just Subscribe to Our Awesome Blog!

  1. avatar Brett Martin says:

    My kids would love this as they seem to be addicted to slushies at the moment.

  2. avatar Monique says:

    Amazing. Lush.

  3. avatar Suzanne Walkingshaw says:

    My youngest son would love this!

  4. avatar Ruth Wollerton says:

    My boys would be in SLUSHY HEAVEN to win this. Thank you xxx

  5. avatar ailsa sheldon says:

    All done. cant beat a blue slushy!

  6. avatar Kirsty says:

    Love this retro prize, loved slushies when I was younger and now my daughter loves them too – her fav is the blue ones. Would definitely share this prize with her 🤗

  7. avatar Jo Young says:

    That would be so great in this hot weather.

  8. avatar Em says:

    This looks really fun to make :) hope I win!

  9. avatar Jude Liddell says:

    I’ve always wanted a slush puppy maker! 🤞

  10. avatar Pattie Gilmour says:

    I remember always wanting a slush puppy when I was a kid. I could never make my mind up on what flavour to pick so I always had a mixture of both! Would love to win this bundle and remind me of the kid I used to be.

  11. avatar Nicola Ingham says:

    Done. Yes please, this would be perfect for the lovely weather we’re having.

  12. avatar Aimee Talbot says:

    Done! Hope I win!

  13. avatar sharon says:

    All done! Good luck everybody :)

  14. avatar Angelika says:

    I entered, fingers crossed 🤞

  15. avatar Angelika says:

    I entered, fingers crossed 🤞

  16. avatar Michelle bills says:

    I have subscribed please pick me my kids have been driving me mad for slush puppies for ages would make there day

  17. avatar Rach Williams says:

    Just absolutely love slush puppies!! Would be made up if I won this fingers crossed 🤞 😍

  18. avatar Sadie Quinton says:

    Would love this as my children and I all love Slush Puppies

  19. avatar Tracey says:

    We love a slush puppy on a hot day so this is perfect

  20. avatar Michelle Jones says:

    Love slush. Not had it in so long! Reminds me of my childhood. I’m already subscribed

  21. avatar Sarah Horseman says:

    Happy memories!

  22. avatar Kat says:


  23. avatar Hashim says:

    All done all done

  24. avatar Jasmin says:

    Done fingers crossed ❣️

  25. avatar janet b says:

    very retro, love it!

  26. avatar Eloise says:

    Love this!!

  27. avatar Kelly sims says:

    All done 😊

  28. avatar Lucy robinson says:

    All done. What a fab prize.

  29. avatar Lorraine mabbitt says:

    Love to win this love slush puppies

  30. avatar Lewis says:

    Hi there, a slush maker is something I’ve always wanted (as in the summer I buy about 5 a week) but never had, so I would love it if I won this challenge, I may even be kind enough to let a few others use it!

  31. avatar Aeryn says:

    We’ve been looking for a slushy maker everywhere! Really hope I win this but good luck to everyone

  32. avatar Sharon Hingley says:

    Oh yes please, my daughter loves a Slush Puppie . Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. avatar Lynn Savage says:

    Ooh yes please, my daughter would love this.

  34. avatar Grace Richardson says:

    Who doesn’t love a good Slush Puppy <3

  35. avatar Gail Reid says:

    Fantastic yes please x

  36. avatar Mia Fairfield says:

    Amazing! Will make me feel like I’m 8 years again….

  37. avatar Joe says:

    Wow my 3 little boys would absolutely love this ! Great prize 👌🏻🙋🏽‍♂️😍🤞🏼

  38. avatar Holly says:

    Ooohhh I adore slush puppy

  39. avatar Dion petrie says:

    Done! Niece would love this

  40. avatar Sarah rowland says:

    Lush perfect for our retro wedding

  41. avatar Kelly says:

    My son absolutely loves slush puppies. What an amazing prize 😍

  42. avatar Stuart Anderson says:

    Oh god! The BLUE ONE!?!? Yes please!!!

  43. avatar Ellie Tearle says:

    Thank you, all done! 😀

  44. avatar Sue Martin says:

    Yes please ❤️

  45. avatar Helen rosbotham says:

    Done! Fingers crossed

  46. avatar Lyndsay says:

    Love browsing all the cool retro items on your site. Would love to win this!

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