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Shake Up Lockdown with these Tried and Tested Quiz Ideas

Luca Muca
A sad, strange little man...

So, we’re entering another weekend in lockdown and instead of being able to head out to the pub with your mates, or for a nice meal out with your family, you’re probably going to be scanning through Netflix or Disney+ looking for the next series to binge.

Over the last 12 weeks, it is fair to say we have all had our fair share of virtual quizzes to scratch the sat-in-the-pub-with-a pint itch. Whether they have been with family, friends or at work, and it would be no surprise if you’re all running short on quiz round ideas. 

That’s why I’ve taken time to put together some tried and tested quiz ideas which will have you re-stablish yourself as the next Bradley Walsh. 


One thing I have noticed from participating in more quizzes than ever before in my life over the past few weeks is that the same person usually ends up taking the winning spot week in, week out. 

How can you make this stop, you ask? 

Well, introduce a round of Dingbats of course! Dingbats almost have the same principle as Catchphrase and requires no prior knowledge, you literally just need to say what you see – some examples below…

Round Robin

King's Cross

Double Cream

There are SO many of these on Google – simply search for “Dingbats”.


Instead of your general knowledge questions surrounding TV and film, why not make it more specific and ask for the name of each masked character shown? 

Just make sure they give you the character’s name – not the actors or the film! For my quiz most recently, I included:

1. Zorro

2. V – the freedom fighter from V for Vendetta which was released in the early 2000s

3. Michael Myers from the iconic horror classic Halloween

4. Maximus Decimus Meridius AKA Gladiator – up there with my favourite films of all time FYI!

5. Rorschach - who stars in heavily in the 1980’s Watchmen comic series and adapted film – this is definitely one to watch for retro comic hero fanatics

6. Stanley Ipkiss – played by Jim Carrey in the whacky hit film The Mask

7. Jason Voorhees – who starred as the infamous villain in the Friday 13th franchise which has become a firm horror fan’s favourite

8. Immortan Joe – the main antagonist from the 2015 film, Mad Max: Fury Road and in my opinion, his mask is more terrifying than that of Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees…

9. Darth Maul – this iconic formidable warrior comes from perhaps the largest and most powerful franchise of them all, Star Wars

10. Shredder – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arch nemesis who stars in countless comics, TV series and iconic films! 


Think Geography round, but cooler. 

This round will take your eggheads on a trip around the world without even leaving the comfort of their own homes!

You can search for general trivia about any town, city or country and flip it on its head to ask a variety of questions!

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  1. Where in the world am I if I am paying for things in Ariary? Madagascar
  2. Where in the world am I if I can dip my toe in the longest river on the planet? Egypt
  3. Where in the world am I if I can look up and see the faces of four political leaders carved into the side of a mountain? United States

You get the picture…

ROUND 4 - song lyrics

This may sound pretty easy, but when delivering this round you have to make sure you say the lyrics in the most boring and monotone voice to ensure maximum confusion amongst the participants.  

There are countless lyrics you could use for this one, meaning the possibilities are endless! 


Nothing quite rounds off a quiz as nicely as a good old-fashioned picture round. 

One way to switch things up a bit is to flash up pictures of celebrities who may be slightly less recognisable because of the inevitable aging process…

1. Jim Carrey – when he was younger looks like a little cutie.

2. Daniel Craig – perhaps not the most difficult of questions, but still hilarious nonetheless! Not exactly “we’ve been expecting you Mr. Bond…”

3. Macaulay Culkin – up there with one of my favourite Christmas films, the childhood film star who took on Kevin in the Home Alone film series is almost unrecognisable in this picture.

4. Mary-Kate and Ashley – these twins were EVERYWHERE back in the 90s, and I think this will prove a welcome throwback to all of you quiz nuts.

5. Kristen Stewart – known widely for her role as Bella in the Twilight Saga, this throwback is sure to divide the crowd as audiences either loved or hated this franchise…

There you have it folks – some quiz round ideas that I hope will shake up your weekly routine and pleasantly surprise all of your contestants!