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Rick and Morty Awesome Retro Styler Get Schwifty Give-Away!

Adam We 
Self-Proclaimed Potterhead, Game of Thrones Fan & All Round Charming Irish Chap 

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Season 4 and the time has finally come! Although we're yet to get an exact date, the show is due to air in November. The general consensus seems to be that the 17th of November is the most likely date, the second annual Adult Swim Festival is on the 16th which would allow festival goers to view the premiere a day before the rest of us and also help to create an extra buzz just before the potential release. 

Season 4 Teasers

There haven't exactly been any trailers to speak of but we have been shown a few Rick and Morty style teasers to whet our appetites for the upcoming 4th season - back in May the Adult Swim YouTube channel showed the first of these with Rick revealing a November release of the show, with the second coming closer to being an actual trailer.

Initial Teaser

Check out the first teaser from the official Adult Swim YouTube channel. The 30 second clip is shot in typical Rick and Morty humour with the two characters chatting against a black background.

Morty is his usual self, unwilling to say a whole lot but Rick takes over and is the one who gives fans the hope of the show airing in November, with no exact date sadly.

Getting There...  

The second clip released on the Adult Swim channel gets us closer to seeing a trailer, although it is pretty much a full scene featuring Morty's dad Jerry, Morty and Glootie, the purple alien tech guy who gets his computer monitors smashed by an angry Morty with a tennis racket after Glootie refuses to remove Jerry's app from the internet. 

Check out the clip to the right to get as close as you can to enjoying season 4 in advance!

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  • Rick – one of my favorite character.

    Pure Online Store
  • Hello all!

    We hope you had a lovely weekend!

    It’s that time again where we announce the winner of our weekly prize give-away. First of all we’d just like to say thanks to everyone that entered and for all your comments.

    There can only be one winner…So this week’s Retro Styler and winner of our Rick and Morty competition is…………..Ria Platt……… (comment from Friday at 12:42pm)

    Congratulations Ria! We’ll be emailing you soon with details on how to claim. Be sure to tag us on social media and share the love, with pics of your prizes!

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    Retro Styler
  • Rick. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if your brain worked like his. Crazy but genious!!

    Amy Button
  • Scary Terry

  • I know this is the obvious choice but Rick. He reminds me a lot of my partner and is an extremely relatable character.

  • I love Rick Sanchez the man is a living god, always makes me laugh.

    Wayne jones
  • My favourite character is Krombopulous Micheal because he is a tricky little guy. He’s stealthy, but still manages to attain a good sense of humour and he strives to get the job done…I like that in a gromflomite. He may be dead but I reckon he is still alive (atleast he is in another dimension.) I like krombopulous so much I even have a tattoo of him on my arm but I hope to see him in future episodes!

  • The correct answer is Mr Meeseeks obviously, loveable and friendly. I love him (them =)


  • So many great characters but Snuffles aka Snowball is my favourite…
    where are my testicles, Summer? 🤣🤣🤣

    Can’t wait for Season 4!

  • This is a tough choice, as the producers have created a lot of great characters over the past three seasons. Rick is very unpredictable and smart, the things that he can do are remarkable eg; turning into a pickle. I’m Pickle Rick 🥒 and also blowing up the Zigerion’s ship, knowing that he was in a simulation all along, outsmarting the Zigerion’s and proving Jerry wrong. I could go on…
    For me it has to be Rick. Can’t wait for Season 4!!

  • I really like Scary Terry because he’s brilliant at being evil whilst also being a good dad, plus I love horror so he’s a amazing!!

  • My favourite character is Morty. I know it might seem a bit obvious but I just find him so funny.

  • My favourite character is definitely mr meeseeks because for them existence is pain and I to think existence is pain.

  • I think my favourit character has to be cthulhu from the opeining credits. He is such a HUGE deal in pop culture but he has abour 2 seconds of screen time and I cannot help but think how much of a amazing episode it would be.

    Alex T-J
  • It has to be the legendary, the one the only, the true absolute boss and ki g of the show that deserves all the respect and true recognition of only the greatest and truly fantastic being in the known multiverse who’s name is to bring trembling to the knees of even the mightiest soul….. I refer to the mighty the powerful……. Noop Noop………………………………….. Who the **** is Noop Noop?

    Ben Thornton
  • Pickle Rick :) absolute legend of a character

    Oliver banke
  • Pickle rick is my favourite rick and needs another episode

  • Krombopulos Micheal needs his own spin off show

  • I love rick because he’s crazy, unpredictable and has some awesome catchphrases!

    Jessica Finlay
  • Rick is my favourite. I love how unpredictable and smart he is! He may be crazy but he’s always coming up with crazy ideas and pushing Morty out of his comfort zone. I also like the way he is a closed book but occasionally we see a more caring side to him. His sense of humor is something else I love about him you can never quite tell if he is being serious or not!

  • Snowball (snuffles) the dog Haha, so cute and my fave episode is when he becomes super smart and causes the humans to become pets themselves.

  • Rick cause u never no what crazy moves he’s gonna pull next 😂 oh and the banter he gives morty and he’s still there like yay adventure. 😅

    Andrew foster
  • Evil morty as he out smarted every rick to be come president plus he has the best shock reveal at the end of the ricklantis mix up with the file floating in space plus he gets the best speach talking about politics,justice and brotherhood plus he gets a really cool song (for the damage coda by blonde redhead)

    Adam wade
  • Pickle RIICCCKKK! Is my favourite character as he is a complete bad ass dude ….. let’s be honest people

  • Obviously rick who doesn’t love him

  • My favourite character is Tiny Rick.
    The episode big trouble in little Sanchez is probably one of the best in my opinion, I love how deep the episode really is but also still has all the best jokes, it shows much thought went into character.
    Plus TINY RICK!!!!!

    James spiller
  • Rick is my favourite character as he always does what he wants. He never lets anything stop him, he just carries in and knocks all the barriers that are in his way. He guides morty to be a stronger, more confident kid to believe in himself and his abilities, when his dad is useless at that, gives him the guide he needs although not always the best way to go about it

    Hannah Farmer
  • Gotta be Pickle Rick 😁

  • Pickle Rick

  • Mr meeseeks is the best! I have a meeseeks plushie.

    Sophie Mansell
  • My favourite character is Mr meeseeks. Would be awesome to have a box to summon them and get there help. Also I find it funny how annoyed they get so quickly.

    Ash Clarke
  • My son’s favourite character is Mr. Poopy Butt Hole and he always finds him funny. He was so excited when he started to collect the figures and got Mr. Poopy Butt Hole. Thank you for the chance 💗

    Angelina Smith
  • My favourite character is Summer, I think we have a lot in common :)

  • I love Rick n Morty because it’s not your typical adult cartoon. .. My fave characters have to be Mr Meeseeks and Rick

    Kirsty Ann
  • Definitely Rick! Who WOULDN’T want an uncle like that! Take you to different dimensions! SIGN ME THE EFF UP!

    Sue McDonnell
  • I love mr Meeseeks I think he is so funny I would love to have one, I even have a tattoo of him on my arm

    Dion Petrie
  • I love Rick because he just does not give a damn about what he does and he will try absolutely anything. He comes up with the most crazy designs for things and its just awesome he goes fighting all these different creatures with Morty. He just brings fun and the unknown to life

    Ria Platt
  • I’m Mr meeseeks look at me!

    Mr meeseeks
  • Rick is my spirit animal. He is a mad science buff that doesn’t give a s*** what anyone says or thinks – I love him!!

    Jade Cole
  • Gotta say summer

  • Summer is my favourite character as she’s just as badass as Rick but retains a bit more humanity than him (ie she’s not ‘quite’ as f****d up as he is 😂).

    Kelly Hanson
  • Rick is my favorite character


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