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JULY is here!

And what better way to celebrate than taking a look into our wonderfully bright, colourful and equally adorable Pusheen Gift Collection...

Pusheen lives the life we all dream of

From Pusheen themed homeware to glorious amounts of Pusheen clothing and accessories, we've got all the gorgeous goodies you could ever wish for - what a way to start July!?

Pusheen Homeware, Super Soft Pusheen Plush, Accessories and Clothing await...

Pusheen Mermaid MugPusheen Character DoormatPusheen Ice Cream Bowl
Pusheen Mermaid Mug - £11.99, Pusheen Doormat - £16.95, Pusheen Ice Cream Bowl - £15.99

Perfect for adding a touch of girly goodness to your home, we've got heaps of Pusheen Kitchenware waiting to be discovered. With their lovely pastel designs, every piece of our Pusheen Homeware will help transform any space into a cosy and welcoming nook - and seriously impress cat lovers!

Pusheen Ear BudsPusheen Mini Twin Bell Alarm ClockPusheen Unicorn USB Charging Cable

Pusheen Ear Buds - £14.99Pusheen Mini Twin Bell Alarm Clock - £12.95Pusheen Unicorn USB Charging Cable - £13.99

One for those who can't get enough of the most wonderfully gadgets comes our Pusheen offering! You're wrong if you think that the latest gizmos have to be black and boring - welcome to the unknown world of Pusheen tech... Who knew this webicon was so purrrfectly practical and pretty!?

Pusheen plush, because you deserve it...

Pusheen Mermaid Clam Shell Small Plush ToySmall Pusheen Plush ToyPusheen Sundae Plush Toy

Pusheen Mermaid Clam Shell Small Plush Toy - £11.95Small Pusheen Plush Toy - £11.99Pusheen Sundae Plush Toy - £9.99

So, you've got your brand new Pusheen Product for the Home a cute companion to snuggle up to at night?! From mermaid designs through to plush suitable for the foodies (not suitable for consumption though...), we really do have all of your Pusheen Plush needs sorted!

Seriously up your stationery game with a little help from you feline friend!

Pusheenicorn Plush Pencil CasePusheen Weekly PlannerPusheen Plush Notebook


Pusheenicorn Plush Pencil Case - £18.95Pusheen Weekly Planner - £6.99Pusheen Plush Notebook - £11.95

As you probably expect, we cannot get enough of Pusheen Stationery here at Retro Styler HQ. With the adorable fluffy mane which sits wonderfully on the super furry Pusheenicorn Plush Pencil Case to the helpful Pusheen Weekly Planner, which will help get you through those tasking and mundane weeks, you'll never believe how practical yet gorgeously girly your stationery could be with some help from the lovable internet kitty!

Check out all of the Pusheen merchandise you could ever want here...

Women's Pusheen Pizza Thoughts T-ShirtWomen's Pusheen Ice Cream All Over Print T-ShirtWomen's Pusheen Love Heart Fitted T-Shirt

Women's Pusheen Pizza Thoughts T-Shirt - £17.99Women's Pusheen Ice Cream All Over Print T-Shirt - £18.95Women's Pusheen Love Heart Fitted T-Shirt - £16.95

With such lovely weather we've all been having here in the UK, it is about now you should be looking to update your summer wardrobe - and why not add a touch of Pusheen Style into the mix at the same time?! With a selection of bold designs (such as the Pusheen Ice Cream All Over Print T-Shirt) and also more discreet and delicate patterns available, you'd be silly not to check out the rest now...

Have we missed something?

With around 200 officially licensed Pusheen Gifts in store, you're bound to find something unique and memorable for your feline-loving friend or family member. However, if you don't see something that you desperately need in your life then let us know in the comments below and we'll add it to OUR shopping list!