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Retro Styler head to LEGOLAND

Yep, you heard it right, we had an extremely grown up day out to LEGOLAND in Windsor! 

We spent the day taking in the sites and scenes, and of course the awesome LEGO creations - seriously, probably the coolest things I have ever seen... 

From recreations of London town to amazing creations of the most iconic Star Wars characters, LEGOLAND really has it all.

The wonderful scenery and town recreations in LEGOLAND Windsor

The wonderful scenery and town recreations in LEGOLAND Windsor


Of course we had to go on a few of the rides, even though they were a little bit tame for my liking. Although the rides were a bit "kiddy" (definitely not white knuckle) there was still so much to look at and if you seriously love LEGO this place is genuinely incredible!

Star Wars characters are looking good at LEGOLAND

Perhaps one of the best places was the Star Wars expo (well almost like an expo). Even though we unfortunately missed their Star Wars weekend, we did get a glimpse of their LEGO characters whilst we were there. 

Within the expo, there was a HUGE Death Star replica, and I mean HUGE... 

Alongside the Death Star, there was a cool "how it was made" video, explaining how the crew at LEGO constructed the bottom half of the Death Star and then the top half and then from here they are both joined together to create the whole piece. I'm not sure if the Star Wars expo is a permanent feature at LEGOLAND, or if it was there for just a short period to celebrate Star Wars week, so it would be definitely worth checking out before you go.

It might not be everyone's cuppa tea but here at Retro Styler HQ, we seriously loved geeking out over every creation.

Seeing as LEGO was such a massive part of all our childhoods, it was pretty cool to finally get to LEGOLAND Windsor to check it out. 

A word of advice...

If you're not obsessed with LEGO, there is a chance you may find the park a tad childish, although it is definitely worth a visit - especially if you're looking to do something a bit different.

One bit of advice would be to be aware of getting wet on the rides.There are some which look obviously wet, whereas there are some others which are surprisingly deceiving...

Have your say!

So we want to know if you've been over to LEGOLAND Windsor, and we want to know exactly what you thought about it... Did you think it was a bit too childish for you? Or did were you drooling over the astonishing builds like us?! Have you been lucky enough to go to LEGOLAND Florida or Japan? Let us know in the comments below...