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New Year, New Me | New Year's Resolution Ideas with a Retro Twist

new year, new me?

So, that's the month of January done - anyone given up on their resolutions yet?  Yep, me too! 🙈

It's okay though I've got you covered, we're in this together. Below are some New Years resolution Ideas that are easy and fun. It's not just about getting into shape and ready for that summer holiday you've booked (and need to start paying for), you know. 

First up though, we all love to hate a meme!  Here are a couple of fav's that made me chuckle this past week. Feel free to share them, and don't forget to use the hashtag #retrostyler


Instead of a boring routine or crazy regimes, take a look at the ideas below to help you on your way in 2023. From Jedi Workouts to eating honey, I’ve got you covered with a bit of retro spin on things to keep it interesting. 

We all know it's the little things that make the difference - don’t go trying to do all of these at once, just pick one or two and see how you go.

At the time of creating this blog post, I have vetted all of these links, but please be careful when searching the web. None of the links included are sponsored, they’re just appreciated for the good content provided. If you can follow or support the original content creators that would be great. Links to their websites are included. Anyways, let's get to it!


First up let’s use the force and get moving!   Why not try some Jedi fitness training? Jump into one of these classes suitable for all the family on YouTube or grab the workout sheet below and train in your own time. 

Here we have one of many brilliant workouts by Get Kids Moving on YouTube.  

With some very cool visual effects and super easy-to-follow steps, you can be sure to keep the kids engaged.  

I’ve chosen 'OBI-WAN KENOBI’ workout as my favourite Jedi but there are other Star Wars themed sessions and many, many more superhero-inspired workouts to choose from.


Our next bit of Star Wars fitness is this session by Pregnancy and Postpartum TV

These simple steps can be done at home or in your garden and don’t worry, you can still do these if you haven’t had children or are not pregnant, you’ll definitely still feel the benefits of these workouts. 

They’re fun, engaging, and great for your fitness.


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Next up is one for the Jedi Masters amongst us! This workout will be sure to get the force flowing within and your fitness improving. You can find more workouts here on the Darebee Website. This fun interpretation of working out is great to keep a fresh perspective on your fitness.

I also found this cool behind-the-scenes video from Star Wars, The Last Jedi for the other geeks in the room. 

It features Daisy Ridley ‘Ray’ and her fellow actors and actresses, training and choreographing the scenes for Star Wars. 

I love this stuff, it's great to see the commitment by performers to their roles within films. Give this a like if you want to see more behind-the-scenes vids from your favourite films.

Another quick link that I found was this Lightsaber Academy, part of the Star Wars Kids channel. 

If you have some young Jedi at home, this is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already found it. With short films and interesting content, it will keep you and the kids entertained.

Loads more cool stuff on their website as well =) 

Don't forget to pick up your favourite Star Wars T-Shirt for working out, right here at Retro Styler!

2. eat healthier

Next let's take a bit of advice from good old Pooh bear - “honey, honey, honey.” 

We all know that our favourite cartoon bear loves a bit of honey (maybe a little too much at times), but, if you actually look into it, eating honey can have its benefits. 

Pulled straight from the top page of google…

"Studies suggest that honey might offer antidepressant, anticonvulsant and anti-anxiety benefits. In some studies, honey has been shown to help prevent memory disorders. Wound care. Topical use of medical-grade honey has been shown to promote wound healing, particularly in burns."

We’re talking about raw honey, not just any honey off the shelf in your local shop. 

You need to consume in moderation as eating too much can also have a negative effect on your health. 

Here’s a great article on the Good Food BBC Website that covers a lot of what you need to know about eating raw honey. There’s information about honey and some links to how you can include honey in your diet. 

This is a simple but positive step that you can easily take this year.

Please make sure to do your own research as well and make sure to check with a medical professional if you have any underlying health conditions before you eat.

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Also while we’re here, don’t forget to look after the bees. Bees are such an important part of our ecosystem. 

They are major pollinators that help our food supply. Maybe as we approach spring you can find a patch of land in your garden, or get a pot with a bit of soil on you window or balcony to plant some wildflowers to help the bees this year. 

Here’s some good information about Bees and Pollinators with ideas of how you and the family can get involved to support keeping them save and flourishing.

While we’re talking about food it's time for a certain hungry friend of ours…

Let's take a leaf out of the Hungry Caterpillar book and look at eating healthier this year. 

If you're anything like me, I’ve eaten way too much over Christmas and most of it was not very healthy. 

There are so many treats and gifts flying around that could probably last 6 months but it’s all disappeared and I don’t know how or where they went. (I may have eaten all of it).

Well, let's take a look… I found this brilliant site, packed with ideas of how you can eat better and keep it interesting. It's aimed towards children and fantastic for everyone in the family, there are some brilliant ideas for how you can eat healthier.

This is one for the family, an interesting guide to a gluten-free diet.

I stumbled across this book “Eat like a dinosaur” - it’s a recipe and guidebook on how to make interesting foods, inspired by the Jurassic age. 

The book is targeted towards the family with engaging activities for cooking meals. This is a great way to get your children into good eating habits and try new things, while working together as a family to make meals and snacks.


The associated Real Everything Website has lots of information, useful links, tips and some recipes that are featured in the book (handy if you like to try before you buy).

Check out the reviews and take look at this introductory video. 

Next up - the Official Cookbook for Jurassic World, ye cool, I know! With 50 delicious recipes for great inspiration helping you eat better food in the new year. These quirky ideas are simple with fun-themed designs.

Buy the Jurassic World Cookbook on Amazon

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3. take up a new sport

Inspired by all the best pop cultures, I’ve got some ideas for a new sport you could try this year.   

Sport is a great way to improve fitness and fantastic for improving your well-being. Most of these you can do by yourself but can also involve others - great for socialising and building new friendships. 

I haven’t linked directly to any groups but with a search local to yourself, you shouldn’t have any problem finding something close to you. Let us know what you get up to on our socials, don’t forget to tag your pop culture themes as well =) 

Please always seek professional guidance or training before taking part in these activities.       

You ready!?...

Cycling: Stranger Things Style!

What a year it was in Hawkins! 

But you can’t fault the team for keeping a bit of fitness in their routine with plenty of cycling.

Pump up those tyres and get out for a ride with friends. Don’t forget your helmet and flick on your lights if it's dark in the winter months, just like in The Upside Down! 

There are also loads of off-road tracks that are safer away from traffic, but for youngsters, watch out for those bats hanging around though!

Climb Like Spidey

We all love our Spidey friend, and Tom Holland took the role to another level. 

I had to include this one on my list as I'm a big Avengers Fan. 

Its no small feat doing the stunts that Tom performs on set and thanks to his acrobatics and dancing background, he’s able to perform complex stunts, whilst making them look effortless.

So, for Climbing, the best place to start is indoors at a local climbing wall or rock gym - a quick google and you should find a few in your local area. 

Climbing is great for your physical fitness and also for exercising your brain as there's a fair bit of problem solving involved. 

You can quite often go bouldering with very little training at a centre and you can progress onto doing full wall climbing with some additional training. It's a very sociable sport and you’ll be sure to find some new friends hanging around (excuse the pun).

Here's a cool video looking at how Tom Holland jumped into the role of Spider-Man! 

Also check out this handy post by Send Edition, highlighting 22 Health Benefits of Climbing - Backed by Research.

 Become a Marine Marvel

Swimming is one of the best sports to get fit and also a great way to exercise if you're recovering from a sports injury.  

Hey, if it's good enough for Aquaman then it's good enough for me! 

Here's an interesting read by Healthline on the Top 12 Benefits of Swimming.

Also from a personal point of view, I get loads out of sitting in the Jacuzzi (hot tub) and just relaxing. 

I can zone out and clear my head of work, when I get out I am refreshed and ready to crack on with whatever is next in my day. You’ll find most local swimming centres have spa facilities that you can take advantage of or maybe head to a local gym.

4. get to know the locals

Let’s join the Peaky Blinders and pop down to the Garrison, but NO FIGHTIN'! (or falling out with those Italians again!) 

Joking aside, why not get together with friends more this year? 

We all lost touch a bit throughout the years of the pandemic. Now is the time to meet up and socialise. 

Socialising is a great way to improve your mental health and well-being. Just meeting up for a chat with a coffee or staying in and having friends round for a games evening. 

Here is a great article by Maria Cohut of 'Medical News Today' about the Health Benefits of Being Social.

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On the other hand, if you don't fancy venturing out and would rather keep your social gatherings small and select, here are some favourite cocktails and mocktails that you can easily make at home. 

Plus, I don't think they serve mocktails at The Garrison!

Passionfruit Martini

This Zingy Passionfruit Cocktail is perfect for celebrating with friends. Here's the recipe from BBC GoodFood that's easy to follow and you'll find an accompanying video on their website - 


2 ripe passion fruits (they should have a crinkly appearance), halved 

60ml vanilla vodka 

30ml passoa 

1 tbsp lime juice 

1 tbsp sugar syrup 

prosecco, to serve


Scoop the seeds from one of the passion fruits into the glass of a cocktail shaker, add the vodka, passoa, lime juice and sugar syrup. Add a handful of ice and shake well, strain into 2 martini glasses, top up with prosecco, then add half a passion fruit to each. Serve immediately.

Gimlet Cocktail

Whether you're planning a casual night at home with friends, or hosting a dinner party, the Gimlet Cocktail is a perfectly balanced gin sour that will not disappoint. Here's a classic cocktail that doesn't require much to make it. Here's the recipe taken from Simply Recipes


3/4 ounce simple syrup 

Zest from one fresh lime (optional) 

2 ounces gin (Plymouth Dry Gin or Tanqueray) 

3/4 ounce fresh lime juice


1. Make a simple syrup with a 1:1 sugar and hot water ratio (see more here), steeping the lime zest in it for 10 minutes in a nonreactive container. Fine-strain this after 10 minutes, and refrigerate what you do not use today.

2. Combine the gin, simple syrup, and lime juice in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake for about 30 seconds, or until a frost forms on the shaker.

3. Double strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Martini, 007 Style

As you may know, James Bond famously enjoys a Martini or two, but there's one particular Martini that he favours - the Vesper Martini! Here's the recipe taken from The Boutique Handbook, where you'll also find recipes for the James Bond Vodka Martini and the James Bond Dirty Martini. Enjoy!


3 measures gin 

1 measure vodka 

½ measure Lillet Blanc or dry vermouth 

Lemon peel 

* Tip – if you use Lillet Blanc, add about 3 dashes of bitters to keep the same taste.


Add the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake thoroughly. Pour into a martini glass and add a twist of lemon peel.

And now for some Mocktails, for those of you taking healthier steps for the coming year!

The Yoda Soda Float

I think you'll agree that this colourful Mocktail will make a fine addition to your next Star Wars-themed party. Or in Yoda speak - "A fine addition, it will make!"

Here's the full recipe, taken from the Sugar and Soul Website.


8 ounces Green soda such as Jones Green Apple or Mtn Dew 

1 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream


1. Add soda to glass and top with ice cream. 

2. You could also use a soda like Sierra Mist and use green food dye.

Spicy Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca

Making it into Town & Country Magazine's Top 28 Mocktails list, this Fruity Fresca looks to be one that'll go down nicely on a hot Summer's Day.


2 cups cold water 

2 cups watermelon (rind removed), seeded and chopped 

2 tbsp granulated sugar 

1 tbsp lime juice 

.25 cup mint leaves 

.5 jalapeño, roughly chopped

Ice cubes or crushed ice (optional)


Combine all of the ingredients and puree until smooth. Pour mixture through a strainer into a pitcher, forcing through most of the pulp. Chill and serve.

Well, there you have it! I hope you stick with it, even if it means treating yourself to a few cocktails one a month (socialising with friends, of course!). Stay tuned to The Retro Styler Blog for more awesome updates, competitions and interesting reads. 


If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on your favourite social platform below, where you can keep up with all that Retro Styler has to offer, funny memes, trailers, and behind the scenes clips here at Retro HQ.

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