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If you haven’t already guessed, we are up to our eyeballs in awesome new gadgets here at Retro Styler HQ, and all of our own minions are working extra hard to get these new products ready for you. So, here’s our selection of the freshest tech that will get your inner nerdy taste buds tingling!

First on our wonderful list are these awesome 8GB USB Flash Drives. JUST added to our website, these designs based on the classic The Simpsons characters are perfect for fans of the widely popular animated comedy!


Retailing at a fab £11.99, these lil guys are perfect for storing all of your important files and docs in one safe, handy place. Simply click here to choose from either Homer or Bart characters and enjoy their wide eyed, cheeky look whilst you drag yourself through that assignment…


Next on the top pick list are these awesome Tribe Batman Foldable Headphones. With a cool yet sleek Batman character themed design, these headphones incorporate a contemporary and stylish look with top quality audio, perfect for listening to your fave tunes or most recent podcast.

The headphones themselves are made with super soft cushions, which are adjustable, allowing for ultimate comfort wherever you are when you grace you ears with this delightful gadget! Not a huge fan of the intelligent, strong and admirable Superhero? (More fool you…) Here’s our selection of other awesome headphones available on our website now!



So, you’re sat at your desk with a freshly poured brew ready to be devoured, then your boss starts nagging right on cue and you have to watch that once hot cuppa turn to a stone cold mess… NEVER have to deal with a lukewarm cup of rosie lee again with this awesome solution.

Powered via your USB port on your PC or laptop device, these cup warmers are a serious game changer. With many designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect cup warmer to change your life forever – you can thank us later!



In my opinion, I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping this one till last. Brace yourself, this is an investment piece *cough* BUT it is bloody brilliant! This PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane VR Drone caused quite a stir when it arrived at Retro Styler HQ and I bet you can’t wait to find out why…


This epic creation is for those who have always wanted to yet failed to make their paper airplanes fly up high! This PowerUp FPV is the first ever paper airplane drone that comes complete with a live streaming camera. Producing its own Wi-Fi hotspot, it allows you to control its destiny whilst streaming all of the live footage to your smartphone…

With multiple templates included, you can design your plane in anyway you want to and with suitability for beginners and experienced pilots alike, this device is practically impossible to crash. This amazing gadget comes complete in a sleek presentation box, making it a truly special gift for any tech-obsessed nerds out there…



No matter what your budget is, we have a wide range of awesome gadgets that are perfect for you here at Retro Styler and with Christmas well on it’s way, and wish lists to write, you’d be daft not to check all of our other goodies out here.


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