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Yet again, we’ve done the hard work for you and have come up with this list of top 5 comic blogs that only the most serious of comic fans NEED to read!

  1. Comics in Crisis – this awesome blog discusses major themes in the comic world and allows readers to participate in frequent polls.
  2. Bleeding Cool – full of all the informative bits and bobs you’d expect, this blog also has the latest gossip and rumours – ooooooh!
  3. Comic Vine – this blog is full of all the good stuff, and a great big whopping Wiki of all things comic – coooool! Check out their podcasts too.
  4. The Beat – we love this blog here at Retro Styler HQ, with their informative format and awesome reviews, this one is a winner – and they do a tonne of giveaways!
  5. Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog – if the name doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know what will! Full of chatty and humorous content, this is one for those who don’t like to take things too seriously.

If you’ve got a spare 5 minutes, then all of these blogs are definitely worth checking out!


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