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Whether you like it or not it’s only a matter of time until the nights draw in earlier and it gets even colder… Fight those post-holiday blues and get yourself set up for a cosy winter with this list of must-haves that are guaranteed to keep you nice and snug on those unbearable winter nights!

So, you’ve battled the traffic and the driving rain during your trip home from work or school and you just want to get all cosy and forget about all of the day’s shenanigans. Whack the heating up high and chow down on your favourite soup out of this HUGE Heinz mug and spoon!

Heinz Soup Bowl and Spoon

This Heinz Tomato Soup Giant Mug and Spoon – £13.50 accommodates the perfect amount of soup to give you the ultimate warm and fuzzy feeling! It also makes a pretty cool Christmas gift too!

Now you’re full of warm soupy goodness, you just need some ambience to make you feel that little bit cosier!

Take a look at these delightful Donut Tea Lights – £12.99 from – they really do look good enough to eat…


Now that the candles are lit and the heating is turned up, it’s time to change into something a bit warmer just to ensure ultimate cosiness. It’s common knowledge that slippers, comfy loungewear pants, and a snug dressing gown are a must-have! Check out this awesome

It’s common knowledge that slippers, comfy loungewear pants, and a snug dressing gown are a must-have!

Check out this awesome Guardian of the Galaxy Groot Dressing Gown – £31.95 and these super cute Pusheen Plush Mule Slippers – £24.99.

What has Pusheen the Cat got to do with Groot, you say? Well aside from Cats liking trees, absolutely nothing, but we think you’ll agree that both of these premium products are sure to keep you snug as a bug in a rug!

Okay, so you’re all set for your wonderfully lazy evening, totally forgetting that you’ve already watched that last episode on Netflix and you’re going to have to wait at least a year for the next season, what a disgrace!

Well don’t fret, we’ve scoured the internet and found this gem that is sure to keep you occupied. This Game of Thrones Monopoly Board – £34.99 allows you to trade, buy and sell your way to the Iron Throne. This epic take on the traditional Monopoly is guaranteed to get all fanatics of the astounding Game of Thrones intrigued! After all, winter is coming…

So, there you have it, a super quick guide that will have you or a loved one all set for the ultimate cosy winter season!


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