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Pusheen, Pusheen Everywhere!

Pusheen, Pusheen Everywhere!

If you're a devout Pusheen fan or completely new on the Pusheen scene, you're sure to love our officially licensed collection of all the very best Pusheen merchandise!

Officially licensed Pusheen Pencil case

Pusheenicorn Pencil Case

Looking to add a touch of colour to any mundane stationery collection? This Pusheenicorn Pencil Case is sure to fit the bill! Featuring Pusheen channeling her inner unicorn, this pencil case is purrfect for the dreamers among us!

Pusheen Sushi Set

Allow Pusheen to make you crave all of the sushi your heart could desire with a little help from this officially licensed Pusheen Sushi Set. Featuring the lovable feline doing what she does best (eating), this set is sure to please cat and eastern cuisine lovers alike!

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Officially licensed Pusheen So Lazy T-Shirt

Pusheen So Lazy T-Shirt

I mean, who can't relate to the slogan which dominates this tee?! I know I can! Show off your love for the awesome Pusheen with this officially licensed, mottled grey tee. Featuring the web-icon and that seriously accurate slogan, this t-shirt makes perfect Sunday attire.

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Nothing tickling your fancy? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us...

Head on over to our wonderful website to view our full Pusheen collection now!

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