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Retro Styler Magnificently Marvelous Marvel Merch Give-Away

Adam We 
Self-Proclaimed Potterhead, Game of Thrones Fan & All Round Charming Irish Chap 

Marvel Avengers Characters

It's Friday again, that can only mean one thing here at Retro Styler - it's time for our weekly Give-Away! We have a diverse range of awesome brands here and we love them all, one that always stands out, however, is the Marvel Universe! With a whole host of memorable characters that are both individually awesome and fantastic as part of a team, it is a brand that manages to create so many great stories that fans can't seem to get enough of! 

Get Your Marvelous Mitts on Merch !

Just look at this cool stuff! A Hulk Wall Light, Marvel Coffee Cup, Avengers Plush Toy and Guardians of the Galaxy Keyring - what a line up! This weeks give-away is a good 'un so make sure you enter by following the simple instructions below! 

Retro Styler Marvel Giveaway

Marvelicious, But How Do I Win?

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Subscribe to The Retro Styler Blog & Give Email Permissions. We want to keep you up to date on everything any new Marvel Merch we get! Choose what smashing products you want to hear about by selecting your favourites from the 'Brands' fields!


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Who is your favourite Marvel character and why? Let us know in the Blog Comments  below with as much lovely detail as possible! Also don't forget to follow us on Instagram and help your chances of winning this awesome merch!

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INCOMING! Official Trailer

Before you head off, check out this trailer from Marvel that was just released!

"ONE WILL UNITE THEM! A mysterious murder brings together the heroes of the Marvel Universe in the search for a killer - but no one can imagine where the trail will lead, or how it will affect everything in 2020 and beyond!"


  • Yay!! Thank you so much 😃😃 Super happy! I have replied to your email x x

    Sue Stoddart
  • Hello all!

    We hope you had a lovely weekend!

    It’s that time again where we announce the winner of our weekly prize give-away. First of all we’d just like to say thanks to everyone that entered and for all your comments.

    There can only be one winner…So this week’s Retro Styler and winner of our Marvel competition is………….Sue Stoddart……… (comment from November 17, 2019 at 12:32pm)

    Congratulations Sue! We’ll be emailing you soon with details on how to claim. Be sure to tag us on social media and share the love, with pics of your prizes!

    As always, we’d like to say a big thanks to all for being part of our weekly give-away. We love reading your comments so be sure to stay Subscribed to the blog and keep joining in for a chance to win.


    Retro Styler
  • The whole family loves spiderman!! Or gwen stacy!

    Leigh baird
  • My 3 years old sons favourites are Spider-Man because red is his favourite colour and captain America because he loves his “magic shield” x

    Jodie Cole
  • My son loves them all. His favourites are Spider-Man captain America and iron man though.

    Jodie Cole
  • It’s got to be Hulk! Green and mean and my little boys favourite

  • Spider-Man has been a favourite of mine since childhood.

  • We have a devised house hold here, all massive marvel fans Thor and groot are my favourite my son Loves Spider-Man and my partner’s favourite is captain America. They are all just so good


  • My boys both love hulk and captain America. They love playing avengers and superheros

  • Spider-Man is the favourite in our house, my little boy loves him and still refers to him as me me! He learned the names for hulk and spiderman before mummy, I was not impressed 😂 Personally, I prefer black widow but I’m out numbered here.

  • Iron man is my personal favourite character. This is because he comes from nothing and ends up with everything

  • My fav is the hulk. I think everyone has a little bit of green in them it’s just how we learn to control it. And hulk proves that we can all be a little misunderstood but we can be who we truely are!

  • Thanks. He was just doing his bit to try and save oh you know, THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Maybe not in the best way but his heart was in the right place. RIP big man

    Ben white
  • Captain America and Bucky Barnes. I love the story line

  • I personally think Captain America is pretty cool – my son Nate would choose Iron Man

    Richard Saunders
  • It has to be Iron Man. I argue with my son who loves Hulk and Captain America. Yes I’m 40 years old and I grieved over Iron Man .

    Stephanie Swain
  • Hulk my little boy loves him at the moment and loves watching anything marvel and DC

    Ryan Craig
  • Spiderman is my favourite! I think he’s quite the relatable character, especially to the younger generation. He’s socially awkward and a bit of a loner at times. He has this extraordinary power and it’s quite the burden to him at times, but he always tries his best and never gives up.

    I think he’s a good role model for kids too, he shows that even super heroes can make mistakes and learn from them. He tries to rectify his mistakes and this helps him to become a better person.

    He strikes me as a loyal person too, even forgiving Harry after he tried to kill MJ. He often sees the good in people and maybe that’s one of his flaws.. but at least it shows that someone who has this great power is still humble and an all around nice guy.

    Sue Stoddart
  • Our favourite is Spiderman! We love his super cool costume; and also his powers. He can jump across cities in seconds; that’s pretty cool isn’t it?! He’s a hero with ease and my son wants to be just like him when he grows up! :)

    Ash R
  • my sons favourite is hulk my youngest dresses up as him and I think he really thinks his him as when gets angry he ask if his turned green he has every single dc and avengers costumes in his dressing up box he would absolutely love more things he has a game set up with all the avengers lights on the wall and little figures he is a proper little superhero.

  • My twin boys love captain America and Thor since they was 3 years old now 6 they have their costumes and we are going to see the marvel live December we have been waiting since last Xmas when they got told as a present it’s been a long year Only 3 weeks to go they are excited counting down the days! I ent sure if my email registered as it didn’t confirm nothing took me straight back to filling out the form

    Melissa yates
  • I love Baby Groot.His dancing to ELO’S ‘Mr Blue Sky’ is one of the best movie intros …ever!

    Hayley Atkins
  • My favourite marvel character is hulk because that’s what I call my husband

  • Groot because…I am Groot, I am GROOT, I. AM. Groot.

    Susan Pringle
  • Favourite marvel character is iron-man because he has great moves! Is basically the boss, and also very attractive 🤣

  • My favourite character is Thor but my sons adore Spider-Man, hulk, captain America and iron man :)

    Tanayah Gorman
  • Hulk is my favourite and my sons favourite aswell

    Michael crowe
  • My favourite Marvel character is probably Hulk/Bruce Banner. A misunderstood, caring, smart and brilliant man and a whole lot of muscle 😉.

  • I live in a marvel fan fuelled house hold. My youngest who is two is absolutely mad on Spiderman & Speve (Captain America- Steve Rogers)

    Rebecca Armstrong
  • Favourite marvel character is spiderman – tom holland

    Rebecca Richens
  • So hard to choose just one but has to be Iron Man, especially after kicking off the MCU. I love him 3000

    kirstie watson
  • My favourite character is iron man ….why you ask? Because I love him 3000. 😩

  • My favourite is definitely Iron Man. He’s super smart and ultra sassy, not to mention a great leader. And he sacrificed himself for the entire world! Team Iron Man all the way.

    Amy B
  • My son LOVES all avengers!! His favourite is probably Iron Man though.. and he’s my favourite too!!

  • My son would love this for his room. His very much into marvel. I would love to surprise him with this xx

    Kirsty fraser
  • My 3 year old daughter loves marvel, she has marvel soft toys and even marvel pjs etc. She can name loads of marvel characters and has asked father christmas for marvel temporary tattoos so she can be like her daddy. She’d love winning this. She doesn’t just have one favourite marvel character and likes a variety which arez hulk, captain America, thor, iron man, wonder woman

  • My 3 year old daughter loves marvel, she has marvel soft toys and even marvel pjs etc. She can name loads of marvel characters and has asked father christmas for marvel temporary tattoos so she can be like her daddy. She’d love winning this.

  • Captain America is my fave.
    Spiderman or Iron man for my son, he loves all things marvel 😊

  • For my little boy Noah currently doing his room up avengers style for Xmas. His favourite is the hulk and captain America. He’s only 3 and he can’t choose between them 2.

    Stephanie wild
  • Gotta be Deadpool hasn’t it he is funny, incredibly sarcastic and badass

  • Gotta be Deafpool hasn’t it he is funny, incredibly sarcastic and badass

  • Thor, Well what can I say Chris Hemsworth Phoar also I love Mythology i find it fascinating. Thanks for the chance xx

    Amanda Ruff
  • Hulk because he is amazing and always angry 😁😁 He is very clever and has a heart too.

    Krushna Hathalia
  • Our little man lol marvel and avengers, Spider-Man and dinosaurs and our little girl is lol doll obsessed

  • My 3 year old loves Spider-Man, he he has learnt to say spidey and everyday we watch avengers or Spider-Man, my favourite avenger is Loki you just never know what his going to do next,
    Although all the avengers are amazing and are special to all of us, x

  • Thor is my favourite character. He has the power of the gods, is caring, strong and a loyal friend. Not to mention the fact that he has saved the world countless times even though its not even his planet

    Cathrine Platten
  • HULK! HULK SMASH! I can relate to Hulk a lot. Mean, green, fighting machine who’s a softie at heart really just bad tempered ha

    Rick Hallworth
  • My and my sons favourite is hulk my youngest all dresses up as him and I think he really thinks his him as when gets angry he ask if his turned green

  • Hulk is my fave because he’s green and awesome

  • I like black panther he’s so agile and smart!

  • My little boy loves hulk and mine would be captin america this would be a amazing gift for my sons birthday coming up

  • It’s all about Thor! God of thunder “sparkles” how can you not love thor funny and strong

  • My 5 year old loves avengers but if he had to choose I’m sure it would be Spider-Man, even has my 1 year old daughter obsessed with Spider-Man now 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 I can imagine his face if he won this and know for sure he would want hot milk straight away 🤣

    Laura Chapman
  • My little 5 year old is a big fan of all the avengers, his favourite I’d say is Loki he cried his eyes out the first time he thought Loki had died I will never forget his little face he was heartbroken. He was fine when he knew he was ok.

    Carly littlewood
  • Mine and my daughter is thor.his presence music from the films .his hammer just makes the hair on the back of hour neck stand up .

    David Noakes
  • Mines is obviously IRON MAN, I mean how could you not love him he kick started the MCU in 2008 and that suit is to die for, also on another personal note my favourite colour is red

    Dylan Stewart
  • I love natasha romanov the black widow shes an amazing character for an average person she can keep up with the best of them.

    Lyndsey valentine
  • Iron Man is my favorite! I love his personality and his suit is so cool

  • Loki is my favourite marvel character. Yes he’s technically a villain but he’s funny and gorgeous 😊😊

    Louise Dempsey
  • Thor my favourite

    Jessie Amy Lee owens
  • It’s gotta be Deadpool, who doesn’t love a sassy anti-hero with a unicorn teddy?!

  • Groot is my favourite Marvel character, I love the charm, humour and kindness he shows without speaking more than his usual three words. I’d never seen a character like him before and now I’m obsessed. He’s the best.

    Natalie W
  • It has to be Star lord for me, his Moves, his epic taste in music. Love him 😍

    Sarah Wylie
  • All your giveaways are amazing. I do love Spiderman. Playing the Spiderman game on PS4 was one of the most epic games I’ve played In along time.
    End game absolutely made me cry. Such a great giveaway

    Cazz batts
  • Spider man is my favourite as he seems to help loads of civilians aswell. I enjoy both the comic and film versions.

    Briony Guerin

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