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Win our Looney Tunes Loot: The Big Warner Bros. Give-Away

Adam We 
Self-Proclaimed Potterhead, Game of Thrones Fan & All Round Charming Irish Chap 

Unless you grew up living under an Acme Anvil then you almost certainly spent much of your TV time watching the Warner Bros. Catoons known as Looney Tunes! 

Starting out as Cartoon Shorts in movie theaters from 1930-1969, the shows grew in popularity when they began to air on network television in the 50's! 

Many scenes were edited in the 70's over concerns over children's TV, removing scenes of violence and stunts that could be easily recreated by viewers - however we still got some hilarious action from this group of iconic toons!

Generations of kids were basically raised by these crazy characters and their adventures. Many of the characters had their own shows and it was common for them to make cameos on each other's shows, so you were never too far from seeing your favourite animated character again!

What's Up, Doc?

The Looney Tunes, a clever play on the words Looney Toons, is chock full of lovable characters and Bugs Bunny is easily one of the most recognisable! 

Introduced in 1940 and usually being pursued by his archenemy, Elmer Fudd the hunter, Bugs is a grey and white rabbit who walks on his hind legs and speaks in a Mid-Atlantic accent! 

He even became the mascot for the Warner Bros. Company!

Elmer Fudd loves Hunting Wabits - and swapping his L's and R's for W's! The pair's relationship is a never ending game of cat and mouse, in an episode named 'What's Opera, Doc', he finally gets the better of Bugs Bunny and ends up feeling bad about it! 

That's Not All Folks!

It wouldn't be much of a Retro Styler Competition without some awesome products to give away and you're in for a real Tweet with the selection of Looney Tunes Merch that we have up for grabs this week, worth over £80!

Impress everyone you meet with our Marvin the Martian T-Shirt and Marvin the Martian Watch which are simply out of this world! 

Show the love for a whole host of characters when you hit the streets with our Looney Tunes Snapback Cap and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit with our Silver Plated Road Runner Necklace, no doubt making a speedy escape from Wile E. Coyote! When it's time to chill out and enjoy some of your favourite Looney Tunes Cartoons you can cosy up with our super soft Taz Plush Toy!

May the Best Taz Win!

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We'll be announcing the lucky Looney winner right here in the blog comments below, on Tuesday 27th August, but before you leave to enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend, check out this classic compilation of some of the best Bugs Bunny bits around!


  • Eh, What’s Up Retro Stylers!?

    We hope you’ve all enjoyed your Bank Holiday.

    It’s that time again, where we shatter some dreams and choose the one lucky ducky who will be waddling away with our awesome merch….

    ………………….Andrew Hickson…………………

    This is your week! You’ll soon be enjoying Taz and other Toon-Infused Merchandise. We’ll be emailing you soon with details on how to claim. Be sure to tag us on social media and share the love, with pics of your prizes!

    As always, we’d like to say a big thanks to all for being part of our weekly give-away. We love reading your comments so be sure to stay Subscribed to the blog and keep joining in for a chance to win.

    That’s all folks! xoxo

    Retro Styler
  • As a child, I loved Bugs Bunny. I had a Nintendo gameboy and I had a Looney tunes game on there that I was obsessed with!
    Now as an adult I’ve watched back and I love road runners sass.

    Sarah Williams
  • Already subbed, my favourite chracter(s) are Sylvester and Tweety. The cat and bird chase makes me laugh!

  • Road Runner all the way

    Jazz Fulcher
  • Tweety is my favourite

  • Mine is prob Taz. He wacky, fast, and u can never understand him. Just like me haha

  • Road Runner and wild coyote both are just brilliant

    Jeremy Tripp
  • I can’t choose between Marvin & Taz as they are both loveable troublemakers!

    Kellie Collister
  • Bugs all the way quite often rep him with my tune squad basketball jersey with bugs on the back 👍🏻 Space jam is my fave movie of all time saw it in the cinema 7 times can’t wait for the sequel with lebron James!

    Lee white
  • My favourite is Taz because he’s silly, reckless and leaves a trail of destruction behind him like me! Always loved watching the Looney Tunes shorts featuring him as well as his own Taz-Mania series. I have so many favourites but got to pick him as he was the first I fell in love with!

    Andrew Hickson
  • Has to be Tas. He was just absolutely the most hilarious character

    Alice Thorne
  • Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny are my favourite characters becasue they have a funny sense of humour😂

    Shannon Brierley
  • “Isn’t that lovely!” referring to that earth-shattering kaboom of a giveaway, of course. My favourite character is Marvin the Martian, but I also have had a soft spot for Speedy Gonzales too! “Andale! Andale!”

    Jack Kelly
  • My fav is Daffy Duck

  • Taz! He’s just brilliant

    Tasha Hamilton
  • My fave charcter is bugs and lola bunny from a very young age alway loved watching them at young age one of fave tv show

    Stacey hutchins
  • Can’t really decide love looney tunes and all the gang!

    Rebecca Rawson
  • Taz, my little boy loves him

  • We all love taz here. My mums dog is named after him

    bonnie harvey
  • Bugs Bunny,as he’s so smart and funny!

    Sara Bellisio
  • I have always had a soft spot for Pepe le Pew 😍

    Samantha Bolter
  • Loony tunes was always my favourite! On a Saturday morning with a bowl of cereal 😁 fab!!

    Carla Maloney
  • Would love to win this prize 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Marvin the Martian is awesome I’ve loved him since I was 7!!!

    Gemma Taylor
  • Mine would be road runner never wins and my daughter loves him and cries when he fails

    Margaret Simpson
  • mine would be Taz as he can leave a whirlwind of choas behind him like my husband

    donna skelton
  • Tweety pie he’s so cute. Plus my daughter has a tweety pie outfit

    Danielle jupp
  • I love bugs bunny, always makes me laugh.

  • I love tweety and so does my nana who introduced me to the show

    Cerys Hadfield
  • Love looney tunes and also do my my two little ones what a fab opportunity 😍

    Lucy Frances Morris
  • Love taz so much! My nans dog Taz recently died, we got him when I was only 3 and I named him after Taz from looney tunes would love to win this as a tribute to him

  • Taz, Buggs Bunny are my favourite Looney tunes

  • Tax, Buggs Bunny are my favourite Looney tunes

  • Lola bunny queen of sass

    Katy Capper
  • Wile E. Coyote is my favourite character as he is so funny, always trying to get Road Runner but never getting him😂. Although he never gave up on trying to get Road Runner💖 I always laughed the most at Wile E. Coyote.

    Lisa B
  • Marvin the Martian was always my favourite. No idea why, he just was, might be he didn’t put much effort into anything, but still tried.

  • I love looney tunes. I have to admit Taz is my favourite, I remember when I was younger playing a game with Taz on my commodore….. I got points when he would eat fruit and and blow up when he would eat bombs 🤣🤣 #TazRocks

    Kimberley jane
  • My favourite has got to be Marvin the Martian after growing up and seeing my dads tattoo for so many years.

    Bethany Haight
  • Tweety! She was my mums favourite, now mine & my sons!

    Samantha Fearn
  • Gotta be taz ❤️

  • Gotta be taz ❤️

  • I love Pepé Le Pew 😁😁 He’s hilarious.

    Lisa Anderson
  • Gotta be Taz, excitable rogue 😊😊

    Erica Hill

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