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It's Your Day Off? Here's How To Spend It!

Whether school is out for summer or you've managed to blag yourself a day off work, I know sometimes having a "free day" might be daunting - how do you make the most of your time off without wasting it and slobbing out all day? Well don't fret, I've carefully compiled a list of the cheapest, yet interesting things to do whenever you manage to get some spare time over the summer holidays.

Olaf knows exactly how to chill...

Things to do during your day off without breaking the bank...

1. Have a picnic

We have been having the nicest weather here in the UK at the moment (which is so unusual people are not quite sure what to do...) and okay maybe this one was extremely obvious, yet I can't remember the last time I actually went with friends (or alone) for a picnic. You wouldn't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the food front either, make your own sandwiches and bake your own cakes - even get some of your friends to come along with you and club your foodie efforts together!

2. Take a long walk and listen to your favourite podcast

There is nothing I enjoy more than a bit of fresh air and some head space. I love plugging in to my latest and most favourite podcast and taking a long walk either along the promenade or up to a neighboring village. If you've been in the office or cooped up studying, there is nothing more satisfying than spending time outside, and walking is great exercise too. If you've never tried podcasts - make it your mission to find one you love...

3. Go to a car boot or have a yard sale

This one may take a bit more effort than my previous suggestions, but will be worth it in the long run! All you have to do, perhaps a week in advance, is sort through all of your old bits and bobs that you don't need or use anymore. Not only does this cost next to nothing to sort out, but you can also make some serious money from selling things that are just taking up space - it will make you feel so much better too!

4. Go on a road trip to the beach!

Personally, I am very lucky to have the beach on my doorstep, and I try to make the most of this everyday by going walking along the promenade. I know that by being close to the sea, being able to listen to the waves and breathe in the fresh air really help me to relax. Although you might not live near the beach, why not take a road trip alone or with friends and explore the nearest seaside town to you? A new adventure does you good!

5. Start a scrapbook of future holiday destinations

Sometimes when you're lacking in motivation there is nothing better to do than look to the future... Why not start thinking about where you would want to go on holiday? There is nothing wrong with plotting your next getaway or your dream once in a lifetime holiday blow out! And it might give you a little push just to keep on going with whatever you're working hard on. Scrapbooking is also fun and allows you to be super creative, and the weather won't ruin your scrapbooking plans - but if it is sunny, take your bits and bobs into the garden to make the most of the weather.

What's your favourite way to spend your summer holiday?

Whether any of these ideas have struck just the right chord with you or not, I want to hear your thoughts! Give me some new ideas of some things I can do on my next day off, perhaps some ideas on what to do with couples and families which won't pull at the purse strings... Simply comment below!