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How to Celebrate Your Fridays in Style…

It’s Friyaaay! And after a long, hard, busy week, what’s better than getting all dolled up and heading out on the town for a few drinks?! (In a responsible manner of course…)


I have kindly put together a super short list of all our favourite (and equally awesome) drinking accessories that are guaranteed to put a spring in the step of any party…

Okay, so you’ve mastered the art of beer pong, but are you ready to take up the challenge of this Shot Pong Party Drinking Game?! This one will definitely separate the drinkers from the sinkers as the odds are higher and the cups are A LOT smaller…


Beer pong a bit too mainstream for you? Want something a bit different to really surprise your guests? Check out this Battle Shots Party Drinking Gamewho can hold their sea legs and nerve steady enough to drown and sink their opponent? (Literally…)


No beard? No problem… Take a look at this awesome and quirky Beer’d Stein, perfect for all those guys (and maybe even girls) who have always tried, yet failed, to grow that hipster beard. Please your girlfriend or even just yourself as you sip away at your favourite beverage thinking about all of the other hipster activities you can now take part in…


Now one for the GoT fanatics… These Game of Thrones shot glasses are sure to liven up any prinks or party. Featuring Stark, Lannister, Targaryen and Tyrell designs, this set of four shot glasses will go down a treat as a party accompaniment or as the ultimate stocking-filler.



Did your party even happen if there’s no pictures to prove it? Spice up your Instagram feed with the help of this DC Originals Character Photobooth, and get your snaps looking ship shape as you take on the personas of the much loved DC Comics clan…


So there it is, a quick list of a few bits and bobs that will help get your Friyay celebrations well under way…


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