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One of the best days of the year if you ask us – except Christmas day, of course!

To celebrate National Greasy Food Day we’ve come up with our favourite greasy-grub orders for when we’re just craving that bit of naughtiness.

**Disclaimer: Any greasy food consumed after reading this blog is purely your choice, for which Retro Styler will take no responsibility.**

First off, we’ll start with Luca – our Operations Manager here at Retro Styler. Although currently on a “health-kick” (we’ll see how long that lasts), he does love a good ol’ McDonald’s breakfast, especially after a few too many the night before. He can’t get enough of the Breakfast Wrap and he always makes sure he orders an extra sausage…


On to Sally, our Managing Director – posh eh?! Sal loves a Zinger Tower meal from the one and only KFC, complete with a small Popcorn Chicken and a lovely pot of their gravy – after all what is a KFC without a side of gravy?!


Next up is Athena, one of our main content creators at Retro Styler HQ, she loves nothing more than chowing down on a deliciously greasy Domino’s after a hard weeks work – you deserve it girl! Athena’s go-to order is a BBQ base pizza, loaded with red onion, sweetcorn, chicken and glorious bacon with, of course, a side order of crispy chicken strips and a cheeky chocolate pizza for dessert…


Oooo, am I hungry…

Now it’s Andy’s turn, one of the newest to the clan here at Retro Styler, he enjoys nothing more than a McDonald’s breakfast and the biggest Boneless Dips Meal from KFC that is humanely possible – sounds good to me!

Last but by no means least, ME! I adore a traditional kebab order myself. Sticking to my mantra of “go hard or go home”, my order usually comprises of a large tandoori chicken kebab with ALL the salad and mayo with a side order of cheesy chips (with yet more mayo) and a delightful 12″ cheesy garlic bread to top it all off. After all that, I spend the rest of the night vegging out in my elasticated PJ’s whilst watching a good film – perfect!


After that quick round-up of our favourite greasy food orders, if your tum isn’t rumbling just like all of ours then you’re doing life wrong – get out there and treat yourself to your ultimate takeaway as you celebrate this glorious day!

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