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Get the Party Started!

Get the Party Started!

Whether you’ve got a Birthday coming up or you haven’t, make sure you prep like a boss with our party must haves…


Beer Pong – what’s a party without Beer Pong? Pretty poop if you ask me! Perfect for getting the party started, Beer Pong allows your guests to get to know each other whilst becoming increasingly competitive… (and drunk).

Beer Pong XXL – £11.95 | Standard Beer Pong – £7.50

Photos – if you didn’t get a photo, did it even happen? Up your photo game with props and funny backgrounds and perfect your pose with all the gang involved!

Photo Booth.jpg

Party Photo Booth – £11.99

Lighting – every party needs the right lighting in order to get people dancing and groovin’! Decorating your partying space shouldn’t stop with lights though, make your own paper stars to add a homemade touch.

Disco Ball LED String Lights – £13.95

With all these bits and bobs covered, all you’ll need is food, booze and oh yeah… Friends!


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