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Friends Merchandise Giveaway: Just Subscribe to Our Awesome Blog!

It's Friday and that can mean only one thing - competition time!

Calling all fans of Friends the TV Series!

Would you like to be the proud owner of a collection of our most popular, Friends merchandise Of course you would!

Friends the TV Series Joey Saying 'Yeah Baby' Gif

That's why we are giving you the chance to enter our Friends Giveaway.

To enter the giveaway, simply: 

1. Click here to subscribe to our Retro Styler blog - this means you will have access to all of the latest TV, film and gaming gossip, news and must-have merchandise. If you're already a subscriber then great.. move on to step 2!

2. Comment below - once you've tapped your email address into the subscription box, drop us a line in the comments below, telling us what your favourite episode is and why!

3. Absolutely nothing - once all that is done, just sit and wait to see if your name has been selected this coming Monday 23th July 2018. Make sure you're constantly checking your emails (and spam folders) in order to claim your prize if you are the lucky winner!

**If you're already a dedicated Retro Styler fan and are currently subscribed to the blog but want to enter this - make sure you leave us a comment below to be in with a chance!**

Just make sure you subscribe here to enter!

With a retail price of over £25, this precious bundle is sure to please the most dedicated of Friends fans!



  • I absolutely love The One where Joey speaks French – it cracks me up every time he speaks absolute gobbledygook!!!

    jackie rushton
  • The one with the truth about London. It has all the practical jokes in it & they always make me laugh.

  • My favourite episode is the one where they all find out. It’s one of the first I remember watching.. friends came out the year before I was born. I used to watch it with my dad before he left. Friends is my lifeline. I’ve watched it 100+ times.. no matter what’s going on, how I’m feeling friends pulls me out of it and I laugh and cry along with them. It’s so hard to choose just one episode because they’re all amazing ❤️

  • I have so many favourites but one of mine is Monica & Chandler’s wedding and Rachel finds out she is pregnant. I love the funny side of Friends but in this episode, you really see the characters supporting eachother and showing how difficult friendship can be but how beautiful it is when you are all there for eachother. It realls reiterates their theme tune “Ill be there for you!”. I am the biggest Friends fan ever and my new uni room will be as Friends merchandised as possible!!

    Dannielle Green
  • My favourite episode summed up in one word.. PIVOT! 😂
    I can’t wait to get to the friends festival in September to recreate some iconic moments!


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