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Friends Merchandise Giveaway: Just Subscribe to Our Awesome Blog!

It's Friday and that can mean only one thing - competition time!

Calling all fans of Friends the TV Series!

Would you like to be the proud owner of a collection of our most popular, Friends merchandise Of course you would!

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That's why we are giving you the chance to enter our Friends Giveaway.

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  • I absolutely love The One where Joey speaks French – it cracks me up every time he speaks absolute gobbledygook!!!

    jackie rushton
  • The one with the truth about London. It has all the practical jokes in it & they always make me laugh.

  • My favourite episode is the one where they all find out. It’s one of the first I remember watching.. friends came out the year before I was born. I used to watch it with my dad before he left. Friends is my lifeline. I’ve watched it 100+ times.. no matter what’s going on, how I’m feeling friends pulls me out of it and I laugh and cry along with them. It’s so hard to choose just one episode because they’re all amazing ❤️

  • I have so many favourites but one of mine is Monica & Chandler’s wedding and Rachel finds out she is pregnant. I love the funny side of Friends but in this episode, you really see the characters supporting eachother and showing how difficult friendship can be but how beautiful it is when you are all there for eachother. It realls reiterates their theme tune “Ill be there for you!”. I am the biggest Friends fan ever and my new uni room will be as Friends merchandised as possible!!

    Dannielle Green
  • My favourite episode summed up in one word.. PIVOT! 😂
    I can’t wait to get to the friends festival in September to recreate some iconic moments!

  • Favourite episode has to be where Ross is “Fine”.
    It’s hilarious all the way through and let’s be honest we have all done that and felt that sometime in our lives 😂 it’s very relatable and funny

    “I’m making fajitas”

    Jade Lumsden
  • There’s so many to chose from 😊 it has to be the one where Ross moves into his new apartment and the scene with the couch ‘Pivot’.

  • My favourite episode of friends would be
    The one Where Everyone Finds out
    Because 1.Seeing Ross act like a child cracks me up so my watching him jump about when Phoebe and Rachel distack him by getting him too excited and him jumping about can’t stop laughing.
    2. My next reason is when Phoebe and Chandler both act like there both going to have sex but Chandler breaks through and loses and tells everyone that he loves Monica.
    3.My last reason is when Ross Finds out and yells very loud when he is offered back to his work and he ends up very happy in the end.😁

    Claire Mccaw
  • My fav episode is where ross gets a fake tan.
    He counts missisipi inbetween each number and ends up geting continously sprayed on the front. Absolutley hilarious

  • My favourite friends episode is “the one with the football” where everyone is going to play football at half time on thanksgiving, but Monica and Roos aren’t aloud to play football because when they where younger Monica broke Ross’s competing in the Geller cup! I love this episode because at the end they are waiting outside on the football pitch at midnight!😂

    Lucy knox
  • My favourite episode is the one when Rachel and Monica have a tropical themed party because the heating broke. Ross trying to ‘bribe’ Mr Tregar to fix the heating when the shop was shut always makes me laugh so hard

    Susan Mills
  • I love the one where they all dressed up to go to Ross event and he upsets Rachel and nearly drinks the fat and also Joey wear all Chandlers clothes and the famous saying Could I be wearing anymore clothes hehe

    Annemarie platts
  • It’s impossible to pick which one cause I love them all but I have to say Monica and Chandler’s wedding it’s was beautiful but so funny 😂😂, chandler, Joey and Ross cracked me up during that episode

    Nichola Hynd
  • It is impossible to pick a favourite episode! No matter how many times i rewatch them all, i find myself laughing more and more every time. One i really enjoy is the one in vegas, gets me every time!.

  • Favourite episode is when Ross moves apartment and shouts ‘Pivot’ when they are trying to take the sofa up the apartment stairwell.

  • Favourite episode is when Ross moves apartment and shouts ‘Pivot’ when they are trying to take the sofa up the apartment stairwell.

  • Favourite episode is when Ross moves apartment and shouts ‘Pivot’ when they are trying to take the sofa up the apartment stairwell.

  • My favourite episode is when they are talking about the past thanksgiving and it shows clips where joey has a turkey stuck on his head so funny!

    Dion petrie
  • My favourite episode is when Monica and Chandler get married!!! It just so cute and just perfect.

  • My favourite episode is The One Where Monica and Richard are Just Friends – I loved Joey and Rachel swapping favourite books, Rachel reading The Shining and Joey reading Little Women, and I loved the reactions to Phoebe’s boyfriend hanging out of his shorts

    Pamela Hughes
  • My favourite episode is where they are all the thanksgiving and they come up with idea to say they got mugged and joey rips Ross’s shirt 😂

    Lia Maher
  • You fell ASLEEP!!!!
    You had rambled on for 14 pages FRONT and BACK!
    We were on a BREAK! ☕️

    Leighann donoghue
  • My favourite episode is the the one in Vegas because Ross and Rachel are hilarious when they are drunk and pulled some great pranks 🙂

    Louise Mcclenaghan
  • The one where Ross gets a spray tan and ends up over doing it a bit

    Brett Martin
  • The pilot is my fave … cuz I know I’ve then got 10 seasons of greatness to come :)

  • The one with the prom video! Gets me every time!

    Michelle Taylor
  • To many but going to go with live in a box 📦

    Sabrina Sinnett
  • Noodle soup epusode. Can’t eat soup anymore without saying this……everytime!

    Mia Fairfield
  • My favourite one is when Rachel teaches Ben pranks but the tables are turned on her at the end of the episode because that is what being an Aunt is really like.

  • Love friends so much!!

  • There are many good episodes but the one when Rachel meets Paolo I could say, I think it’s funny how Ross reacts to it and Ross overall is my favorite.

  • The episode Ross can’t get the leather trousers off and is stuck in the bathroom

    Craig Templeton
  • I have sooo many favourite episodes but I think my all time favourite is the one where they all find out. It’s the episode where everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler being a couple but also where Chandler admits he’s in love with Monica. It’s so funny and sweet, but also changes the tone of the show and Monica and Chandler are my fave couple on the show.

  • Are you actually asking this question?! There is way too many answers crying face

    It probably has to be when Ross finds out about Monica and Chandler through ugly fat guys window.


    Also, very close too is when Phoebe and Rachel scare Ross (Unagi episode)

    I have to stop now because I’ll just go on and on!

    Sue McDonnell
  • My favourite episode is ‘the one where joey speaks french’… because it just shows joeys character as a whole i think😂

    Alfie sloman
  • Fave ever episode
    The Test

    What is Chandler’s job??……TRANSPONSTER!!!

    emma garside

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