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Feeling old? Well, you’re about to feel a whole lot worse after our round up of films which are hitting the big 3 0 in 2018.



Revolving around a deceased couple who find themselves trapped and haunting their own home, Beetlejuice attempts to scare away the living inhabitants for good. With its original comedy and plot, Beetlejuice is a true classic!

Rambo 3 

Rambo 3.jpeg

Depicting fictional events in Soviet war in Afghanistan, Rambo 3 is truly iconic. Packed to the brim with action, Sylvester Stallone takes centre stage to save his longtime friend and mentor Colonel Sam Trautman from a prison camp.

Die Hard

Die Hard

This action-packed classic has become a festive fave over the years and it’s popularity doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Starring both Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman, the first edition of the Die Hard series is definitely the best…



After making a wish at a Zoltar machine, 12-year-old Josh finds himself battling the challenges of adulthood as he transforms overnight. This comedy is filled with laughs and iconic scenes and to be honest, this list wouldn’t be complete without it!

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

The Naked Gun.jpg

This comedy filled American film is a true classic. With hilarious quick whit and gags, every time you watch this film, you’re sure to find new jokes you didn’t know existed from the last time you watched it. Perfect for when you’ve had a bit of a poo day, this film is truly awesome.

After that little trip down memory lane, why not kick back and get some seriously retro films on the go?! Comment below your retro faves…

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