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Christmas Gift Guide For Comic Book Fans

It is creeping closer! With just over two months to go until Christmas, some of the most organised of us will be contemplating what to buy for our loved ones. If you have an avid comic book fan in your family or close circle of friends, why not consider buying them something to feed their habit from the lovely people at


Wonder Woman

Beautiful wonder woman

Fanbox: Mystery Wonder. This awesome box contains a collection of officially DC-licensed Wonder Woman merchandise. Available in a starter option (four or five products) or premium option (six to eight products), it really is a lucky dip in terms of what it contains; however, it is likely to include stationery, games, toys, apparel/accessories, jewellery or sweets. The box measures approximately 28.5cm (W) x 11.5cm (H) x 16.5cm (D). The starter option is £29.99, with the premium option costing £49.99. Both qualify for free tracked delivery within the UK.

Other Wonder Woman gift ideas available include:

Wonder Woman Satchel Folder Purse – even Wonder Woman needs a purse! £19.95.
Wonder Woman Logo Heat Activated Mug – for those who enjoy a hot drink. £9.99.
Wonder Woman Gold Logo Stud Earrings – for those who like a bit of superhero bling! £14.95.


Christmas Gift Guide For Comic Book Fans 2

Fanbox: Mystery Bat Box. Especially for fans of the Caped Crusader, this box contains a random selection of official DC Comics-licensed Batman merchandise. As with all the fanboxes, there are two options available: the starter (containing four or five products) and the premium (containing six to eight products). Both contain a mystery selection of themed items that may include jewellery, accessories, gadgets, games, toys and even sweets! The starter option costs £29.99, with the premium option priced at £49.99. Both prices include free tracked delivery within the UK.

Other Batman-themed gift ideas include:

Three Pack of Men’s Batman Socks in Gift Tin – nothing says Christmas better than socks! £15.95.
Batman Eclipse Light – to ‘lighten’ the mood. £15.95
Build Your Own Batmobile Kit – great for the model maker. £8.95.
Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter – perfect for the early bird, featuring a bat logo-shaped cutter. £9.99.

Captain America

Для Интернета

For those with a love of this classic American hero, there are some great gift ideas including:

The Captain America Silvertone Metal Band Watch – because you don’t want to lose track of time! £29.99.
Marvel Captain America Adult Mule Slippers – because we all need a bit of cushioning now and again. £14.95.
Marvel Captain America Money Bank – if you can’t save the world, why not save some money? £17.95.

This is just a brief selection of what is available, so there is bound to be something great for the comic book fan in your life.

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