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We’ve been beavering away working hard on our brand new website (which is pretty epic if you ask us!) and because of this, we’ve been pretty quiet.

BUT NOW, the website is up and running and it is looking a w e s o m e!


We don’t do things by halves here at Retro Styler HQ, and whilst all of the website developments have been going on, us minions have been adding brand new products -ready for you lovely lot to feast your eyes on!

Check out all our latest merch here…

From Ready Player One to Game of Thrones, we’ve just added the coolest products to get your geeky retro taste buds tingling.



Ready Player One Luminart – £24.99, Ready Player One Heat Change Mug – £10.99, Ready Player One Notebook – £7.99


Game of Thrones Tankard – £47.99, Game of Thrones Shot Glasses – £59.99, Game of Thrones Goblet – £34.99


Harry Potter Hermione Granger Watch – £13.99, Harry Potter Luminart – £24.99, Harry Potter Accessory Stickers – £7.50

Nothing getting you going? Check out all of our latest and greatest offerings here!





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