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Awesome Branded Baking Ideas for the Fans and the Family

Luca Muca
A sad, strange little man...

Now that we can actually find some flour on the supermarket shelves (sometimes), I wanted to give you a run-down of my favourite bakes that are currently on the web. 

Although most kids won’t need to much persuading when it comes to helping create a tasty bake, why not take the opportunity to play homage to your favourite retro brand?! 


One of the most well-known brands on the planet, there are an infinite number of themes you could roll with here to create your next scrumptious cake. 

Whether your little one’s favourite is the contemporary classic Frozen or the old but gold Toy Story, there are plenty of helpful tips, tricks and inspiration on Instagram. 

If you’re a complete beginner, why not use some toys you might have lying around the house to give your bake a professional edge? 

harry potter

Why not add a touch of the Wizarding World to your scrumptious cupcakes? 

There is such a wide range of options when it comes to decorating your cakes and it won’t matter if you’re a complete novice or an experienced Witch or Wizard in the kitchen! 

You could go for a simple piped wand paired with Harry’s round glasses, or perhaps seek to master the Sorting Hat or the iconic Golden Snitch

Insert a splash of colour to any of your bakes by including your houses’ colour – whether that be Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

And even if they don’t work out as well as you had hoped, it’s nothing that a magical sprinkle of glitter won’t hide! Perhaps a peak into our Harry Potter Merchandise Collection might get those creative juices flowing?

star wars

All you have to do is search for Star Wars cakes on Instagram to be hit with a heavy dose of Star Wars themed baking inspiration! 

Instagram showcases some impressive structures forming the most iconic characters from the wonderfully retro franchise, including BB-8, Chewbacca and the formidable Darth Vader. 

My advice would be to start small, look at creating some lightsabers out of fondant or even purchase some pre-made cake toppers online, and make sure you have plenty of black food colouring to create the feeling that your bakes have arrived from a planet far, far away…

Cute cake number 1 is by @cookie_wednesdays on Instagram. 

Now, this IS the Droid we're looking for!

Cute cake number 2 is thankfully not 50 Years old quite yet, so still good to eat!

The Child (AKA Baby Yoda) by @pattybakescakes on Instagram looks almost too cute to cut up!


With so many characters and iconic scenes, Marvel has been a family favourite for years now, so why not harness that and make some tasty treats ready for your next Marvel movie binge?!

Why not try and master the spider-web with your piping bag to pay homage to the much- loved masked hero Spider-Man, or look to mould the perfect Thor hammer, Hulk hand or Captain America’s patriotic shield out of fondant and top your cakes in true super hero style! 

You could even try to replicate the instantly recognisable and familiar Avenger’s logo which proudly sits on top of Iron Man’s Stark Tower. 

These cakes will be something for you and the family to truly marvel at…

Here is the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos themed cake by @your_latarte on Instagram. 

Be sure to eat it quickly, before the finger snap!

This is a Spider-Man/ Venom themed cake by @jensflourshopbakery on Instagram.

Question is, which side do you choose!? 

dc comics

We couldn’t mention Marvel without dropping in DC Comics on this run down… Whether you’re a Marvel or DC household, this shouldn’t restrict you from going to town when covering your marvellous creations in yummy decorations. 

Nothing screams DC Comics quite like Superman and Batman, and I don’t think a DC Comics themed cake would be complete without at least one of the superhero’s logos.

If you’re looking to wow your little one in a lockdown Birthday bash, why not check out the below tutorial for all the tips and tricks you need to create a Justice League The Flash themed celebration cake?


Nintendo have been keeping us all occupied for many years and they have more recently kept our hunger for gaming satisfied with the Nintendo Switch and have become a lockdown staple for many families!

Why not treat yourself to an indulgent homemade bake that is complete with your favourite Nintendo character? Perhaps you could challenge yourself to create Mario and Luigi themed cupcakes or keep things simple and go for a Toad themed topper.

Check out this awesome Nintendo Switch by @bcakeny which is actually made from cake – talk about taking your baking game to the next level!


Perhaps part of the pinnacle of all things retro gaming, Pokémon is a household name as the franchise has been knocking around for 24 years now! 

Whether you watched the TV series, played the original games on your GameBoy Color or have partaken in the famous trading card game or Pokémon GO, you would have had to have been living under a rock to avoid the franchise!

Keep things simple as you look to master the art of cake decoration with the classic Poké Ball or take things up a gear and mould your own adorable Pikachu to finish off your delicious bakes. 

Why not check out the below tutorial on how to nail a 3D Pikachu masterpiece, which almost looks to cute to eat… 

So, whether you’re constantly glued to the screen watching all of the Disney classics back to back or can’t get enough of the astonishing adventures of the Marvel Comics Universe, hopefully you have gained some baking inspiration from this post. 

If you have an important birthday coming up, or just want to bake a cake for the hell of it (I know I do after writing this…), get the whole family involved or take some time out for you to enjoy bringing your favourite film franchises to life in your very own kitchen!