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Alternative Halloween Festivities for a COVID World

Luca Muca
A sad, strange little man...

It’s safe to say COVID-19 has definitely altered any plans we may have had for 2020. 

As we head into the winter months here in the UK, the virus seems to be taking hold (again), with many areas of the country facing various new lockdown restrictions. 

Your usual Halloween gathering and trick or treating are simply no longer doable for the majority of us, leaving some perplexed as to how to celebrate this spooky season.

Fear not, for we are here to take the thinking out of Halloween 2020 and help you attempt to salvage the year, giving you and your nearest and dearest something to look forward to after a pretty quiet one. 

We want to make sure that this Halloween is one for you and your family to remember!  

With a run-down of 5 family friendly Halloween ideas, you and your clan with have plenty to keep you occupied. 

Combine all ideas for the ultimate Halloween weekend, or pick out a couple of ideas to ensure for a fun-filled Halloween eve!  

 It should be said that we are encouraging everybody to adhere to local and national government guidance, so please use your noggins…


1. Spooky Movie Roulette

It should be no surprise to you lot that at Retro Styler, we’re all for a film night, and Halloween is the perfect excuse to stay in and get your favourite seasonal films on the box. 

Many of us have been glued to the TV since lockdown began at the start of the year, but this time we’re doing things differently! 

Why not take film night one step further by scribbling down the following film ideas on some scrap paper, bunging them in a hat and getting each member of your family to pick one out? A good idea to avoid any arguments if you ask me…

Here are our top retro Halloween movie picks: 

Warning, some films mentioned are more family friendly than others, so be selective depending on your audience!


Hocus Pocus

The Silence of the Lambs

Beetlejuice (Get the Merch!)


Ghostbusters (Get the Merch!)

Edward Scissorhands

Child's Play

Addams Family

Death Becomes Her

Hotel Transylvania

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Get the Merch!)

Corpse Bride

The Shining (Get the Merch!)

Sleepy Hollow


I’m sure baking during lockdown isn’t a new concept, with over three quarters of the UK’s population miraculously transforming into Mary Berry this year, but ensure you’re keeping your ideas fresh by adding a Halloween themed twist to your favourite bakes.  

Bulging eye brownies, pumpkin spice biscuits or poison apple cakes anyone? T

he gruesome yet yummy ideas for spooky themed bakes are endless and it makes the perfect excuse to get the whole family involved, allowing the little ones (and bigger ones) to let their imaginations run wild!  

We have been scouring “the gram” (that’s Instagram for any of you out of touch oldies) for a while, gathering up some next level ghostly baking inspo for you to devour: 



Psssst, any of these naughty but very nice treats would also make a great accompaniment to your epic film night!


Shake your evening up with some autumnal inspired homemade mocktails which are fun and super tasty for all of the family.  Here’s our top 3 tried and tested mocktail ideas:

#1. Blood Orange Soda



  • 5 parts soda 
  • 1 part blood orange syrup 
  • Lime juice 



Simply measure and pour the above ingredients into a cocktail shaker over some ice and shake away. Pour into your favourite ghostly goblet and enjoy! 


#2. Depths of the Blue



  • 3oz blue raspberry syrup (link to slush puppy) 
  • 9.5oz sour mix 9.5oz of lemon/lime soda   


We like to keep things simple here at Retro Styler, so just measure the must-have ingredients listed above and shake in your cocktail shaker, serve over ice for ultimate refreshment. 


Tip! Take your tipple to the next level with our officially licensed glassware

#3. Lovely Pear



  • 2oz pear juice 
  • 1oz lemon juice 
  • 75oz rosemary-infused syrup   



Yep, you guess it guys, simply add all of the ingredients to your cocktail shaker and mix together thoroughly. Pour over ice and serve in your best glassware to impress!   Don’t just stop there, though! Be ready to get experimental and try some new flavours. 

Tip! Mums and Dads, why not add your favourite tipple after sunset? 

4. The Sound to Your Halloween Bonanza! 

No Halloween themed evening is complete without some spooky tunes to really set the scene for what’s to come. 

That’s why we’ve put together some of our favourite Halloween classics. We’ve included some retro classics and also some contemporary songs that have a creepy edge. 

Simply add them to your phone, connect to your loudest speaker and let the good times roll with Retro Styler’s top picks:



5. Ghostly Costume Making Contest Finale

So, you’ve all watched a couple of films and devoured your favourite Halloween baked treats, guzzled a cheeky mocktail or ten and boogied on down to some ghostly melodies from throughout the ages – now onto the fun finale!   

With this contest, all participants have the same materials, tools and time period to make their own original Halloween costume. 

One member of the household must volunteer themselves as a judge and keep an eye on the contestants to ensure no cheating is going behind closed doors. 

Shut away in different rooms out of each other’s sight, each participant has 10 minutes to design and create the creepiest costume with the following materials and tools: 


  • Black and red marker pen
  • Fake cobwebs 
  • Tomato ketchup
  • Black and white bed sheet
  • 1 toilet roll
  • Scissors
  • Orange peel
  • 1 cardboard box    


After their time is up, the participants must present themselves to the judge. The judge then must mark each contestant out of ten based on their creativity, imagination, execution, design and originality. 

The player to gain the most points out of fifty takes first place – maybe they get to demolish the rest of the baked Halloween treats as their well-deserved prize?!   

“But what if there’s a tie?!’ I hear you ask… Fear not, as Retro Styler has got you covered on this one too! 

If there happens to be two killer costumes taking joint first place, they must battle it out in a classic apple bobbing challenge, of course! The first to bob ten apples successfully – wins!   

Go even further adding a fun twist by decorating the apples in edible paint, brushing on some bulging eyeball or enchanting pumpkin features to your apples of choice.   

There is no denying that 2020 has panned out to be a little bleaker than we first thought, but I hope that this run down has given you a much-needed boost to inject some light-hearted fun into your loving household this Halloween. Get prepared for a spook spectacular goings-on, and as always, be sure to keep us posted on what you got up to during the Halloween weekend in the comments below.   

Stay safe Retro Stylers! xoxo