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5 Steps to Surviving Your First Year at High School

Are you about to be the little fish in the big pond? Heard all of the horror stories about the older people at your new school? Do not fret – this quick guide (written by a “been there, done that, know it all”) will have you all set for that important first year at High School.

Remember these 5 tips to survive and thrive

1. Be approachable

One way to meet new friends is to make sure you’re approachable! Be polite and smiley and don’t be afraid to offer someone a helping hand if they look like they’re alone – everyone is in the same boat.

2. Get yourself out there!

Meet as many new people as you can… Even though sticking with the same crowd may be tempting, make sure you join as many extra-curricular clubs to meet other people who may not have been in your Primary School! If you love a certain film or book, don’t hide it – show off your hobbies and interests as this is a great way to begin conversation with those who love the same things as you! Wear your Guardians of the Galaxy Big Groot Face Backpack or Star Wars Episode VII BB-8 Sublimated Backpack with pride!

giphy (1)

3. Please your teachers without trying too hard

Simply look after your uniform and make sure you’re looking smart – this will help you avoid any unwanted attention from teachers! Yeah, a tight tie and tucked in shirt this may not be “cool” but it will be worth it in the end…

4. Put in the hard work

Don’t get tempted to fall behind with any homework and start as you mean to go on. Personalise your exercise books with any of your favourite stickers and decals from any film or TV show you love, just like our Harry Potter Gadget Decals or Disney Princess Gadget Decals. Organise your homework by using bright coloured pens & sticky notes and it will help you when it comes to planning your revision closer to GCSEs and even A Levels – even if this does seem aaaaages away, it will soon come around! Why not check out our awesome Rocket Ice Cream Cool Sticky Notes and Where’s Wally Sticky Notes?!

giphy (2)

5. Make a good first impression

You only get one, so make that very first meeting with any new friends and teachers a good one! Relax, be confident and more importantly be the best version of you. This may sound very deep, but the more confident you are the more successful you will be in the future!
giphy (3)

Not too bad hey? So there you go, 5 quick tips on how to survive your big first year. Just stay cool and don’t be afraid of showing people the real you – good luck!

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