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Okay okay, some might not need ANY reasons to love Disney (I know we don’t!) BUT there are some Disneyphobes out there and this post is guaranteed to bring them to their senses.

Disney has grown with us

No matter what age you are, Disney is sure to have been a massive part of growing up and as the franchise is still producing more awesome films to add to the collection – Disney has definitely been a staple in everyone’s lives!


It’s an escape

We are all super busy and super stressed – this is where Disney melts our problems away! In a world full of endless possibilities, the Disney Kingdom lets us get lost in all things magical and truly awesome.

It makes people happy

Even if you don’t love Disney films, you should still love the fact that it the franchise makes SO many people happy! With it’s lovely stories and perfect balance of humorous characters, Disney is everything you want and need to be happy.


It’s for all ages

With its tongue and cheek comedy style, Disney are one of the only film makers to appeal to both children and adults so successfully and seamlessly! You’re bound to find at least one Disney film which makes you chuckle…


It takes us back to our childhoods

Disney is the nostalgia captain as the true classics allow for us to be transported back in time, bringing us all of those warm and happy memories whilst allowing you to make new ones with a new generation of family!

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