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Intelligent, calculative and extremely slick, there are many things we can learn from the womanizing intelligence officer (believe it or not...)

What can we learn from James Bond?

James Bond has been portrayed by numerous actors over the years; Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and more recently Daniel Craig - yet they all have a similar "way" about them. So, what can we actually learn from the British Secret Service agent? 

1. You can never be overdressed 

Yup, it's true! We are so used to wearing casual clothes and can easily forget the feeling of power when you dress right for an occasion. Bond is always dressed in a suit - even at times we may consider completely inappropriate... But hey, why not try it sometime?

Bond oozes sophistication with his dress sense

2. There's nothing quite like a bit of healthy competition

Despite the trials and tribulations Bond experiences throughout the franchise, he always manages to come out on top. The story line usually involves a race to kill and although this may be slightly difficult to relate to in day-to-day life, it still emphasizes the importance of being at the top of your game constantly. 

Competition is rife in the Bond series

3. Look after your teeth

As we all know, looking after your teeth is unbelievably important and there is nothing that will make you want to brush your nashers more than the sight of Jaws' silvery smile.

Always brush your teeth, kids!

4. Never underestimate a geek

Ben Whishaw plays Q in both Skyfall and Spectre, and with his young looks and inexperienced appearance, he is completely underestimated by hardened Bond. But, with his undeniable intelligence and awesome gadgets, Q wins the trust of Bond and they become quite the pair when defeating the bad guys.

Q proves his position through his intelligence and insight

5. ALWAYS make a dramatic entrance

Whether you walk into a room and everyone gawps at you, or if you're like me and have to fall or trip to get one bit of attention - do what you have to do! Nobody remembers a quite and subdued entrance, but everyone will remember that time you entered with conviction. 

Bond never fails to make an impressive entrance

What's your favourite Bond film?

If you read our blogs you know the score - let us know your thoughts!

Tell us which Bond film if your favourite in the franchise? Which actor portrays Fleming's Bond best? Or perhaps you've thought of the perfect actor (or actress) to play the next 007? Leave your opinions in the comments below...