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5 Gamer Instagram Profiles To Follow in 2018

Instagram - THE Place to Showcase

Well in case you haven't heard, Instagram is THE place to showcase all of your games and retro gaming merchandise. Seriously, people have thousands of followers just by sharing what they have purchased recently - which is usually presented in an awesome flat-lay.

If you love Instagram and gaming, then this post will be right up your alley as I'll be suggesting some of the coolest Instagram profiles you need to be following.  Some of the gaming profiles featured in the blog post are extremely popular, and others are there because I simply love their goodies and images. 

So, Let's Get Exploring Instagram!

1. sariaslays (Sarah)

With SO much cool merchandise on her feed, it is hard not to have a nosey to see what Sariaslays has added to her collection daily! With  Zelda merchandise taking center stage, she also features  Star Wars, Nintendo and  Pokémon goodies too. 

2. nintenbros64 (Rich)

A self proclaimed Nintendo addict, Rich's feed isn't lacking on the Nintendo gaming front. With the Nintendo Switch appearing multiple times, you can guarantee that Rich is the one to help you decide which games to buy next - if you like Nintendo of course! Full of bright colours and a great selection of games, this Instagram profile isn't one to be missed.


3. alizagameraddict (Aliza)

Full of the latest gadgets and gizmos, this bright feed features games and merchandise alike. With Nintendo, PS4 and Xbox all included, this Instagram profile is awesome for those looking for a totally inclusive page, complete with fab images!

4. harik87 (Harry)

Featuring magnificent flat-lays of a serious load of Nintendo goodies, Harry showcases his collection wonderfully. Perfect for those looking to immerse themselves into all things Nintendo, this page includes all sorts of gaming both new and old.


5. cerinity_area52 (Cerinity)

One for those who seriously love all the gaming accessories, this Instagram account is definitely one to watch. With Nintendo and PS4 being displayed on her feed in a style quite different to other gaming profiles, I think this one is perfect for those who genuinely love playing the games and can appreciate them fully. Oh and she also features a LOT of Funko's

Have Your Say!

So maybe you've already heard of some of my suggestions, or maybe you haven't - but don't let that stop you giving me some more profiles which I can explore. There's nothing better than discovering an awesome gamer, so please leave a comment below if you think I have missed an Instagram account which is definitely worth exploring!

So excited to hear your suggestions

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