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Well the weather is bleak and it’s here to stay.


We’ve come up with this quick list of cosy night in ideas which are perfect for couples or pals who are looking to do something different this weekend…


  1. Bake your fave goodies – sod the diet for one weekend and bake all of the cookies and yummy cupcakes your hearts desire!
  2. Have a scary movie marathon – love em or hate em, a scary film extravaganza is sure to add some screams and laughter to your night
  3. Have a game night – whether you’re into poker, Monopoly or Cards Against Humanity, a game night will either make or break a couple or a group of pals
  4. Karaoke or Lip Sync Battle your night away – take to your makeshift stage and own it with a karaoke or Lip Sync Battle. Whether you opt for a bit of Whitney or a classic Meatloaf tune, make sure you impress the neighbours!
  5. Plan your summer getaway – get all of your possible destinations laid out and plan your group or couple vacay, it might make this weather seem a little more bearable!



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