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Officially licensed PlayStation and Nintendo merchandise hit the trendiest top spot

With so much happening in the wonderful world of gaming this year, it felt so right to introduce you to our best selling gaming merchandise.

From clothing to accessories, we really have got it all at Retro Styler.

So without further ado, lets get down to it!

Classic Nintendo merchandise to up any serious gamers' look

SNES Controller Shaped Novelty Bi-Fold Wallet Nintendo Gameboy All Over Print Snapback

SNES Controller Novelty Wallet - £17.99, Gameboy All Over Print Snapback - £21.99

We are loving these Nintendo accessories here at Retro Styler. With their iconic and classic designs, both of these accessories will let any serious gamer take their fashion to new levels.

Perhaps PlayStation will prove successful in tempting you?

Shop our officially licensed PlayStation merchandise now  Shop our officially licensed PlayStation merchandise now

PlayStation Belt - £17.95, PlayStation Console 3D Mug - £14.99

Whether you're in need of a little help from a belt friend to keep your trousers put or are looking to make a statement in your next work meeting - we've got the PlayStation goodies which are perfect for you. 

Check out all of our other PlayStation bits and bobs here...

We've come up with the goods with our offering of Super Mario merch

Officially licensed Super Mario keyring
Officially licensed Super Mario cozy slippers

Super Mario Metal Keychain - £6.95, Super Mario Yoshi Cozy Slippers - £14.99

OK, so the weather might be fine and dandy right now - but think long term... those long dark and cold nights will soon be here and that's why it is best to stock up on those winter warmer essentials right now! With there super soft feel, the Super Mario Yoshi Cozy Slippers will have you ready to game your way through winter. But, what about the Mario Keychain I hear?! Well, Mario is one awesome guy to keep an eye on those keys for you, and this metal keychain makes a pretty cool gift too...

Take a look at our complete Super Mario collection here!

Our Legend of Zelda collection will get you in the mood for gaming

Shop our Legend of Zelda snapback now
Shop Legend of Zelda bracelets now

The Legend of Zelda Tri-Force Logo Cork Snapback Cap - £21.99The Legend of Zelda Arm Party Bracelet Set - £19.99

One for those who are craaazy for The Legend of Zelda, our website is definitely for you. Crammed with all of the very best and officially licensed Zelda merchandise, there is everything any fan of the awesome gaming franchise could want - from kitchenware to accessories!

What's your favourite gaming franchise?

As always here at Retro Styler, we want to hear from you! What is your favourite franchise? What do you think of all our awesome officially licensed merchandise? And if you could have any other franchise added to our website, what you would like to see?




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