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The magic of Disney never fades, especially when you have a lovely Disney movie-inspired collectable figurine to treasure.

1. Disney 'Big Trouble' Stitch Statement Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines
A loveable alien with a love of chaos, Stitch has been charming audiences since 2002, and this beautifully handcrafted 36cm high Stitch item captures his innocent look perfectly. A great gift for fans, this comes in a branded gift box for safe keeping.

2. Disney Traditions Tangled 'One Magic Night' Storybook

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines

Enjoy Rapunzel and Flynn’s heartwarming romantic scene from Tangled over and over with this unique, hand-painted gift. Add it to your collection, or put it on display to share with the world - either way the romance will live on forever.

3. Gus 'Cinderelly's Friend' Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines

A bundle of utter cuteness, Gus the mouse helped poor, forgotten Cinders get to the ball and meet her destiny - the prince. This high quality official Disney piece will always remind you that anything is possible, with a little help from your friends.

4. Disney Enchanting Collection Cinderella 'Such a Surprise' Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines

A real treat for Cinderella fans, this charming tableau features the soon to be princess, her woodland helpers, and the beautiful ball gown that will change her life forever. You’ll never get tired of the joy on her lovely face.

5. Disney Traditions Mickey & Minnie "Two Souls, One Heart" Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines

Celebrate the everlasting love of Disney favourites, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, with this delightful and unusual keepsake. Delivered with a branded gift box, this is a present any Disney collector would adore.

6. Disney Traditions "Wonder of Spring" Bambi Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines

Who doesn’t melt at the sight of sweet fawn, Bambi? Here she is captured in high spec resin, playing nicely with a pretty butterfly. The attention to detail is superb, and being hand-painted makes every piece original! Bring some sunshine into everyday with this must-have Disney treasure.

7. Disney Traditions "Undersea Dreaming" Little Mermaid Storybook Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines

One of Disney’s most heartwarming films, the tale of forbidden feelings between lovers from different worlds introduces mermaid, Ariel, and her human prince. Celebrate the fact that love always conquers with this stunning figurine cleverly designed to look like an open book.

8. Disney Enchanting Collection Mulan 'Gifts to Honour' Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines

Brave warrior and devoted daughter, Mulan won the hearts of millions. This figurine captures a touching moment as Mulan kneels before the father she commits her life to protecting. An amazing gift or keepsake for any family home.

9. Disney Traditions Scrooge McDuck Treasure Dive Collectable Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines

We all know how much Donald Duck’s uncle loves money, and now you can smile at the antics of Scrooge McDuck every single day. Ducks may like taking a dip in water, but this feisty fella prefers the pool to be full of coins! This makes both a memorable gift and a real talking point.

10. Disney Enchanting Mr Rabbit, Wait! Alice in Wonderland Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines

Alice in Wonderland is a story packed full of unique characters with interesting quirky personalities. Here, a curious Alice and the rushed white rabbit are just about to enter the hole - what an adventure lies ahead! This hand-painted delight is great for display in any room in the house.

11. Disney Enchanting Just Had To Meet 101 Dalmatians Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines

Roger and Anita Radcliffe share the stage on this figurine with just two of their adorable 101 spotty dogs. Long considered to be the ultimate Disney fashionista, couple you can share their good taste and style by having this charming piece in your space.

12. Disney Enchanting Collection Mary Poppins 'Step in Time' Figurine

12 Beautiful Disney Collectable Figurines
Magical nannies, charming chimney sweeps, and cherubic children. This figurine captures the main cast of Mary Poppins lined up on the roof for your delight. Styled to give three different views from the front, side and back, this is a real treasure of a piece.

The figurines listed are all fabulous pieces which are perfect gifts for lovers of all that is Disney. They can have a fantastic sentimental value taking people back to their childhood. They can also bring a whole different personality to any room they are displayed in. To see our full range of collectable figurines click here.

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