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Valentine’s day is the time of year when we celebrate the special love in our life. This could mean the usual confectionery, chocolates, flowers or dinner at an overpriced restaurant, but why not give your love a longer-lasting token of your affection? Try some retro satisfaction with these tempting objets de L’amour.

Beverages for the beloved

10 Unique Retro Valentine's Day Presents

Shake up some cocktails in a 1950s retro style using this stylish three-in-one drinks maker. Of course, it also makes smoothies and milkshakes for the more health conscious. Or how about pink-coloured drinks for a romantic Valentine’s day twist?

River of chocolate 

If a standard selection box won't satisfy your loved one’s sweet tooth, then why not go back to the Seventies with a Belgian chocolate fondue set and chocolate fountain? A whole river of chocolate is bound to impress this Valentine’s day.

Sweet harmony

10 Unique Retro Valentine's Day Presents

For the music fan in your life, check out these super smart aviator headphones that not only look cool but are in fact inspired by the headphones that RAF pilots wore. Stylish brown leather is combined with the latest technology for an immersive music experience.

Galaxies of love

10 Unique Retro Valentine's Day Presents

Star Wars continues to be one of the best movie franchises ever, and if your beloved has a soft spot for Luke Skywalker, or even Darth Vader, help the force be with them by giving them a beautifully embossed, black and gold Jotzone Star Wars journal to record all their important intergalactic thoughts, light sabre domination strategies, or even just the weekly shopping list.

Tech of ages

10 Unique Retro Valentine's Day Presents

Take your loved one back to pure 90s gaming with a Supaboy SNES Compatible Portable Console. And why not use the AV cable supplied to play together as a couple on a large screen?

I heart you

10 Unique Retro Valentine's Day Presents

What could scream Valentine’s day more than a pink, heart-shaped bag from Polly Pocket, with a detachable gold tone shoulder strap?

Cups of happiness

10 Unique Retro Valentine's Day Presents

Enable your sweetheart to think of you every time they go to the coffee machine with a super cute Pusheen cat mug and matching coaster. The object of your affection will be purring with delight.

Setting love alight

10 Unique Retro Valentine's Day Presents

Who doesn’t need a lighter when the world is full of romantic candles to light or love letters from the ex that need to be incinerated? Zippo is a timeless brand, and with this authentic Skull Soft Touch Zippo Lighter you could start a collection.

Sparkling love

10 Unique Retro Valentine's Day Presents

Leave your love in no doubt as to how you feel with this glittering heart-shaped ring. Covered with twinkling diamantes and fully adjustable, this isn’t wearing your heart on your sleeve, but rather putting it on their finger. This Iced Out Clear Diamante Heart Ring is the ultimate in romantic bling.

That special nerd

10 Unique Retro Valentine's Day Presents

The computer enthusiast in your life will adore this Batman USB Memory Stick, with up to 16GB of space for storing all your loving texts, photos and videos. Compatible with any laptop or PC, your love can think of you every time they handle data.

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