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Christmas gifts are as unique as the people you’re buying for, so check out these ten ideas and get ordering before Santa does.

1. The Infinity light

It’s to infinity and far beyond! For he or she who desires the coolest bedroom on the planet, this is the must-have light. Optical illusions, tons of tiny lights and bendiness within, create the most amazing sensation of being sucked into the vortex. You can wall mount it as well, for even more light-bending weirdness!

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2. Star Wars charm bracelet

Really pretty adjustable size charm bracelet with a starter set of Star Wars charms and plenty of room to add meaningful new ones. The bracelet comes in a chic Stars War gift box, and the bracelet already has a Rebel Alliance emblem, a “Join the Resistance” charm and a larger BB-8 character themed charm. The fun goes on as you find ones to add.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts 2

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3. Paddington Bear Talking Plush toy

Just squeeze Paddington’s paws and he’ll start talking. He’s got five phrases and he’s smartly dressed in his famous raincoat and hat, waiting to come home and be with your little one. Just watch that marmalade, it goes everywhere.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts 3

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4. Welcome to the Batcave

Time to let the neighbours know who they’re living next to. Welcome to the Batcave definitely needs to be placed outside the front door. Durable doormat with rubber backing.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts 4

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5. Legend of Zelda: A Woman of Many Talents dress

For all retro gamers and Comic Con attenders, this is one stunning costume – sexy but don’t mess with me kind of thing. By the way, you can also get legend of Zelda Elf Link ear muffs. Just thought we’d mention that!

10 Unique Christmas Gifts 5

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6. Finding Nemo Character Bath Plug

You’ll have no trouble finding Nemo – he’s attached to the other end of the bath plug. Kids will love it as he bobs around in the bath! The chain is 10cm long.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts 6

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7. Giant 80cm Adult Space Hopper

For the man who has everything – or did have until the kids wrecked it – bet he hasn’t got a giant Space Hopper. And they say men are hard to buy for!

10 Unique Christmas Gifts 7Buy It Now –

8. Fanbox: Mystery Gamer Box

For the retro gamer in your family, who knows what’s in here? 4-5 (Starter) or 6-8 (Premium) Pieces of Mystery Gamer Style Merchandise, that’s what. And more than that, we cannot say. But they’re great value.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts 8

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9. Wonder Woman Scarf

Thank Mum for all her Christmas efforts with this lovely blue Wonder Woman scarf. At least opening it might keep her off the Prosecco until the turkey’s actually in the oven.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts 9Buy It Now –

10. Smartphone controlled paper aeroplane

Wow!!! You get a Smartphone app, make the plane, attach the control module and go! Brilliant idea, and once you’ve made it, you can use it to divebomb grandad during his after lunch nap and stop him snoring.

10 Unique Christmas Gifts 10

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