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Thor Facts: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Thor

Thor Facts: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Thor

Posted by RetroStyler.com on 14th Nov 2013


After his appearance in the last few Marvel Movies you may or may not have taken a shine to the Hammer Wielding Norse God Thor. Along with the other Marvel Superheroes, as part of the Avengers, Thor has battled aliens and suppressed the evil forces of the Universe once more.

If you’re in need of a little more Thor then here are 5 lesser known facts about the Thunder God (or The Thunderer as he is also known).

1. Thor’s Full Name is Thor Odinson

Thor Odinson

This probably seems a bit obvious right?! His father was called Odin, Thor is Odin’s Son, therefore he is Thor Odinson – Tadaaaa!! This is an old Nordic tradition that’s apparently still used in Iceland, whereby the surnames are ‘built’ by placing the suffix at the end of the father’s or mother’s first name.

2. Thor’s Hammer Is Called Mjölnir

Thor's Hammer - Mjollnir

Some people name their body parts, some people name their cars, Thor names his Hammer! What’s wrong with that?! Actually we’re not quite sure who named it (maybe you can tell us?), probably its makers The Dwarven Brothers Sindri and Brokkr. What we do know is that the name Mjölnir (Pronounced myoelneer) is derived from the verb “To Smash”. Could Thor be trying to steal The Hulk’s Thunder? Boom Boom!

3. Thor Prefers Latte to Coffee

Thor Prefers Latte to Coffee

Plus according to the movie he also likes to Smash his cups after drinking (There’s that Hulk thing again!), but we already knew that one.

4. Thor Was Tricked into Helping Hitler!

Thor and Hitler - WW2

During World War 2 Hitler made an appearance in the comics and tricked Thor into aiding the cause of Germans, as they were the descendants of the mortals who once worshipped him. During Thor’s battle against the Invaders (which included Captain America and a few other Superheroes) Thor realised the error of his ways and withdrew his help from Hitler and the Germans. OK we’ll forgive you, Thor!

5. Thor Pimps His Ride… With Goats!

Thor and his Goats

They probably decided to leave out the huge Chariot and giant goats whilst putting together the Thor Movies, as it’s not quite as cool as travelling by Space Bridge! We would quite have liked to see the goats make an appearance however. Maybe next time!

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