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Popcorn Stuffing Ogle Fest

Now that most of you Marvel fans will have had chance to see the latest installment of Captain America, we’d like to take the opportunity to walk you through the movie in the form a mini review. As our resident Comic Geek, Bex was tasked with stuffing her face with popcorn whilst ogling Superheroes for the best part of 2 hours – poor thing, it’s a hard life! Anyway here’s her take…. 

Dawn of Justice vs. Civil War

Captain America vs. Iron Man (err, i mean Civil War)… it’s hard not to compare Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War to DC’s Batman vs. superman: Dawn of Justice and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the first to make this comparison! I personally love the original Superman movies, which I think may have contributed to how much I thoroughly hated Superman: Man of steel, to the extent that I full-on refused to watch Batman vs. Superman when invited. 

There seemed to be a general consensus of disapproval from critics, when it came to Dawn of Justice. For me personally, I didn’t feel as if Superman and Batman had a good enough reason to be fighting in the first place. In Civil War however, Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers actually have a valid reason to be going head to head! And just on the off chance that you haven’t seen the movie yet, I’ll let you discover the reason for yourself!

Spoilers Gonna Spoil (Alert!)

I’m pretty good at avoiding spoilers on the Internet when I’m going to see a new movie, which meant that Captain America: Civil War was full of surprises for me, that otherwise could have been well and truly spoilt. I even avoid watching the movie trailers – maybe it’s the kid in me that just loves surprises?

So Many Supes!

The cameos of other characters really made this film for me - yes of course you get your fill of Iron Man and Captain America, and Black Widow doing her ever increasing flippity-flip-fighty- action scenes, but the main thing I’ve discovered from Civil War is that the insect men are my favourites.

Ant-Man (who i ruddy love anyway) was recruited to help with the fighting and also showcased his new skill. You Ant-Man comic fans may have already seen this one coming....... GIANT MAN! 

And on the opposite side there was the new Tony Stark recruit - Spider-Man. Yes, it’s been all over the Internet for the last 6 months but I was pleasantly surprised by this cameo and even more so when I discovered that they are making a new Spider-Man movie and *gasp*, I’m actually looking forward to this one! 

I watched just one of the Toby McGuire Spider-Man movies and decided that Spider-Man was not for me. I have ignored every other Spider-Man since (I know I’m hard to please… must be the comic geek in me!). Our Civil War Spidey had just the right amount of innocence and quippy humour for me. I love how overly talkative he becomes during the battle scene, because he’s just so stoked to be fighting for Mr. Stark, or Mr. Stank as Stan Lee would say *wink wink*

On the other hand the introduction of Black Panther threw me for a loop. Yes you hard-core fans will have known straight away! But to me I was like “what the hell is this burly cat woman doing here??”

What’s the Story?

Going back to what I mentioned earlier, I think that the ‘Cap vs. Iron Man’ story held together really well, creating a lovely tension throughout the movie. You adore Tony Stark and his team, you agree with his sound reasoning, but at the same time you want to protect all Superheroes, so end up gunning for the underdogs. 

Bucky has a been a bad boy but Cap, seeing the best in his buddy Buck, is only trying to protect him from the powers that be and so sides must be taken! Herein lies the dilemma and it’s almost heart-breaking to see the fight turn so real between our favourite Marvel Superheroes.

Wrapping it Up

All in all, I found Captain America: Civil War to be a fantastic movie, offering a good balance of humour and action! The fight scenes were epic, the huge mixture of characters actually works very well and there’s plenty of hope for more collaboration in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A heads-up for the end credits, there are two bonus scenes!

Have fun, enjoy the movie and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Until Next time, Stay Retro! xoxo

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